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Unlocking the Potential of Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) in Europe: Insights from Industry Leaders and Experts

By AmerisourceBergen

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, ensuring timely access to innovative therapies is a top priority. One promising approach that holds the potential to expedite patient access is the Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA). JCA aims to harmonize the evaluation and decision-making processes for new interventions across European member states, streamlining the path from development to market.

Cencora recently hosted a compelling session at ISPOR Europe 2023 titled 'How to Prepare for JCA in Local Health Systems? Ensuring HTA, Payer, and Industry Readiness to Accelerate Patient Access to Innovation.', with industry experts Herbert Altmann, Head of Market Access Commercialization at Cencora, and Matias Olsen, Senior Manager at the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE), shedding light on the challenges and opportunities associated with JCA implementation.

To delve deeper into this crucial topic and gain valuable insights from these thought leaders, The Evidence Base asked them to provide further reflections on JCA readiness from both industry perspective as well as member states and HTA bodies.

Access the full article here to learn more about the various aspects critical to successful JCA implementation. Explore key considerations such as harmonizing clinical evidence submission across member states, reorganizing company functions for enhanced collaboration, mitigating duplication of bureaucracy and workload among HTA bodies, involving patients in a meaningful way throughout the process, ensuring transparency in PICO scoping procedures, and preparing for local healthcare system engagement during JCA.

Unlocking the Potential of Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) in Europe: