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Animal Health Solutions

Veterinary Client Engagement Technologies

Helping veterinary practices engage with pet owners is core to their success and a core focus for our team. Through the AmerisourceBergen family of animal health companies, we offer proprietary solutions and partnerships with industry leaders to solve for the challenges veterinary teams face in a digital, fast-paced world.

Data-driven client communications

Increasing client retention and compliance

AllyDVM is a multifaced software solution that not only improves clinic workflow and efficiency, but supports client engagement through automated client communications, a patient pet-portal, and a customizable client loyalty program.

Our AllyDVM software solution enables practices to capitalize on opportunities for improving client retention, increasing client compliance, and ultimately delivering better health outcomes for pets.

Partnering with industry leaders to provide practical solutions

Electronic medical records

SnoutID digitally stores a patient’s complete medical history and enhances a client’s visit by generating customized digital check-in forms, reducing time spent at the front desk doing paperwork while managing an anxious pet in tow.

Preventative health care plans

Premier Pet Care offers pet owners simple, affordable preventive care plans, bringing predictability to essential pet care spend.

Telehealth & remote monitoring

Petriage AI-driven algorithmic teletriage, remote monitoring and online consultation technology enhances client relationships and patient outcomes by advancing connected care.

Home delivery

Vetsource Home Delivery service allows veterinarians to meet pet owner expectations for online ordering and fast, easy home delivery.

Helping practices keep practicing during COVID-19

Healthcare has pivoted dramatically during the pandemic, and veterinary medical care is no different. Through industry partnership, and fueled by our passion for the animal health industry, we have provided tech-powered solutions to real challenges practices are facing in a time of social distancing and limited staff capacity.