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Provider Solutions

Advancing Care and the Patient Experience

Powering patient care for pharmacies, physician practices, hospitals and health systems.

Your partner in care

At AmerisourceBergen, we offer solutions and insights for your business that enable you to focus on what matters most, providing the best possible care. We support our customers across all sites of care.

Health systems

Hospitals and health systems look to us to for expertise and guidance to optimize the patient experience and optimize health outcomes.

Physician practices

For community physician practices, we provide access to the products, services, technologies and education needed to advance patient care.

Community pharmacies

From independent pharmacies to large retail chains, our tailored solutions help pharmacies strengthen their position as a pillar of community-based healthcare.

Responding to COVID-19

Sites of care depend on AmerisourceBergen 
Products shipped every day
Products shipped in one day at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic
We are committed to supporting pharmacist and providers as they continue to ensure the safety of patients receiving care.
Providers rely on us in order to treat and care for their patients no matter what the circumstances. Learn how we’re helping ensuring business continuity for our customers during COVID-19.

Optimize health outcomes

Address medication adherence

Helping patients comply with their medication regimens is essential to their health and well-being.  For an individual, mediation adherence prevents disease states from advancing and improves outcomes. While broadly, medication adherence reduces healthcare spending overall.
From data and tools to individual business coaches, explore how Good Neighbor Pharmacy is helping independent community pharmacies improve medication adherence through in-store patient services.
Ensuring continuity of care is essential for addressing barriers that impact a patient’s ability to remain on therapy as they transition from hospital to home. Learn how Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions helps hospitals with their transitional care strategy to improve outcomes and reduce 30-day readmissions.

Improve patient safety

American Health Packaging provides comprehensive unit dose products that simplify bedside scanning and support extended shelf life. Our products provide health systems and long-term care facilities with confidence that the right patient is receiving the right product at the right time, promoting patient safety and positive health outcomes.

Optimize your practice to power patient care

Our solutions lead physician practices to greater optimization, smarter reimbursement and better financial decisions, allowing physicians to focus more energy on caring for patients.

ION Solutions

ION is the largest specialty group purchasing organization in the oncology field. We provide community-based physicians with a wealth of industry knowledge and technology that helps them optimize their businesses, increase patient access to products and reduce the cost of care.

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions is a leading technology provider for urology, orthopedic, vision, infusion and multi-specialty physician practices with solutions for electronic health records, practice financial management, and pharmaceutical analytics.

AdvanceIQ Network

AdvanceIQ Network is a research network comprised of community specialty practices designed to increase access to clinical research opportunities for providers and their patients. Members benefit from access to new and evolving research studies, centralized contract and financial management, and innovative solutions for identifying and monitoring patients, new study approaches and staffing needs.

Supporting you through advocacy

AmerisourceBergen is dedicated to supporting our customers and the patients they serve in the sites of care most appropriate for patients. Our advocacy is focused on policies that support healthcare providers obtain recognition for the services they provide.

At AmerisourceBergen and through our family of companies, we are committed to supporting healthcare providers and their patients.