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The last thing a patient should have to worry about is access to treatment.

Navigating the complexities of healthcare systems is difficult for patients, especially when they have been prescribed a specialty medication. Our solutions can alleviate anxiety, help identify potential barriers to access, and increase speed to therapy for your patients.

Where innovation and heart drive patient access

Every day we put patients at the center of everything we do. No matter where we sit within the company, we're all working to fulfill the same purpose – to improve the treatment journey for each patient, helping them gain access to, afford and stay on vital therapies that enhance their quality of life. Ultimately, we are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.

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Innovation highlight

Chronically Simple

Chronically Simple is the answer to helping patients and caregivers proactively manage their health. The health app is simple, smart, secure and accessible - helping patients better manage their health, track symptoms, set-up medication reminders and more.

Featured capabilities

Reducing financial burdens

Cost should never be a barrier to care. That's why we work closely with manufacturers to develop unique copay assistance programs that accelerate patients access to therapy. Our copay services comply with industry rules and standards, yet are flexible to meet the needs of broad patient populations. We offer a variety of payment options along with the dedicated support of compassionate patient counselors to put affordability first.

Driving speed to therapy

We pair advanced technologies with expert human support to drive faster access to therapy and enhance the patient experience. By leveraging industry-leading innovations, such as an AI-powered digital assistant that makes payer calls, we increase automation, accuracy, and efficiency every step of the way.

Empowering patient engagement

To improve medication adherence, we engage patients where they are in their healthcare journey and in life. Through personalized interventions and treatments that drive behavioral change, we help improve not just outcomes, but a patient's care experience.

Accelerating speed to therapy

Once only a human-intensive task, benefit verification has become faster than ever thanks to advances in automation. Learn how AI-driven electronic benefit verification from AmerisourceBergen can enable the path to better patient outcomes.
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Our businesses

Lash Group

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Lash Group has more than 20 years of experience in designing, delivering and continuously improving patient access and adherence programs across a wide range of conditions and therapeutic areas. Our seasoned experts help manufacturers tailor their programs to the unique needs of their products, while our highly-trained program staff ensure the best possible customer experiences and patient care.
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Our businesses

Innomar Strategies

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Innomar Strategies is the leading patient support provider in the Canadian specialty pharmaceutical market. We help manufacturers navigate the complex healthcare environment and gain market access with turnkey, end-to-end commercialization solutions and consultative services.
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Our businesses

Xcenda Field Services

Xcenda is a strategic global consultancy with more than two decades of experience collaborating with pharmaceutical manufacturers and emerging pre-commercialization firms to help them successfully commercialize innovative medical treatments and technologies. Our seasoned consultants apply unparalleled industry knowledge, therapeutic experience and stakeholder insights to distinguish our clients' brands.
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Biopharma Services

Each investment we make is focused on connecting healthcare stakeholders to accelerate healthier futures. Our unrivaled expertise powers us in our vision to help you fully realize your product’s power—through the patients it reaches and the strategic outcomes it delivers. Learn more about our end to end suite of commercialization solutions for biopharma companies.

Let's work together to envision new paths to healthier futures around the world.

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