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Access Network

Increase utilization of patient support programs with workflow integration

You want to help patients access the therapies they need. Access Network optimizes engagement in your patient support programs to help with faster treatment starts, expanded provider reach, and better treatment journey insights.

Patient support programs are key to access, but using them is a challenge

You want to provide your patients access to therapy. Patient support programs can help. But existing patient support program channels are either antiquated or aren’t widely adopted. And integrating those programs into EHR and provider workflows, a possible fix, is challenging. The EHR and workflow solution market is highly fragmented, making integration difficult. Plus, it’s overwhelming to digitize the many tasks required to get patients on therapy, which vary by medication, therapeutic area, and insurance coverage type.

Introducing Access Network

Access Network is a digital-first connection that integrates provider workflows with patient support programs. It is designed to make it easier for providers and biopharma to use these services, helping connect patients to the therapies and support they need (e.g., enrollment and other services). Improve your provider reach and get patients on therapy fast. Reduce missing information and data redundancy. And get real-time status updates about patient delays and points of abandonment for more informed business decisions.

Connecting the healthcare ecosystem

Access Network integrates electronic health record (EHR) systems, practice management systems, and multiple provider workflows to biopharma patient support programs.  With one single solution, you can quickly reach more providers across therapeutic areas,  help accelerate patient enrollment, and increase Rx pull through for your brand. 

Access Network Capabilities 

Expand provider reach

Reach more providers instantly by tapping into our broad EHR and workflow network. We’ve already done the legwork for you, partnering with a diverse range of EHR providers and workflow partners to maximize your access to health systems and key therapeutic areas.

Improve speed to therapy

Help get patients on therapy by providing easy access to your patient support programs. Access Network integrates programs directly into the workflows providers are already using. Operating in the background, it makes tasks like patient enrollment easier for providers to complete. It also reduces data redundancy and missing information for even faster speeds to therapy.

Make more informed decisions

See the patient treatment journey more clearly. You and your providers get real-time patient status alerts, and program status updates, so you can keep patients on the path to healthier futures.
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Awareness, fax inefficiency, and portal fatigue: Optimizing your patient support program with workflow integration

Your patient support programs are key to improving patient access. But any of these 3 challenges can limit their utilization. Learn how Cencora’s workflow integration solution Access Network can help providers more easily get patients the help they need to start and stay on their treatments.

Workflow market fragmentation, cost, and technology usage behaviors

Addressing the challenges to streamline patient support program utilization

n order to benefit of workflow integration, biopharma must address major challenges created by the provider workflow technology market. See how Cencora’s Access Network helps biopharma companies avoid the hurdle of multiparter integrations — to optimize support program utilization.

The promise and challenges of workflow integration for patient support programs

Workflow integration can help biopharma companies address major challenges that limit provider utilization of their patient support programs. But biopharma may struggle to make use of this innovative approach. Learn about Cencora’s Access Network — a solution that can deliver the benefits of workflow integration without its complications.

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