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Pharma Solutions

From clinical trial to market availability, Cencora lifecycle solutions enable our customers to bring their innovations to patients around the world.
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Integrated commercialization expertise

The journey to bring innovative therapies to market around the globe is complex and ever-changing. To be successful, you need a true growth partner that offers industry-leading expertise in both strategy and operations.

Learn more about our suite of commercialization solutions and enterprise mindset. Cencora’s holistic approach seamlessly orchestrates data, services, and support to accelerate time-to-market and optimize the patient journey.  

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Optimize global market access, awareness, and outcomes through expert guidance with a proven track record of success

End-to-end consulting services

Market access consulting and communications

From market-shaping and disease awareness efforts to conducting full POA meeting and training engagements, our unique collaboration between science, design, and client services generates innovative work that resonates with formulary decision makers.

Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR)

We combine rigorous, technical expertise with an understanding of local markets and multiple disease states to deliver relevant, transparent, and credible results to help inform practical strategies and tactics that communicate a robust portfolio of value-based evidence.

Regulatory consulting

With years of experience and expertise in regulatory strategy, dossier authoring, submission preparation and lifecycle management we navigate your product through the complete regulatory approval process with Health Canada or US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Real world evidence

With access to more than 100 data sources and over 100,000 healthcare providers, our team knows the right questions to ask to develop an evidence portfolio that achieves your brand goals.

Reimbursement & policy insights

Using detailed data analyses, including market assessment, payment system modeling, budget scoring, and payer and formulary analyses, our team delivers evidence-based insights and recommendations that help increase patient access. 


Our comprehensive Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information services help ensure compliance with continually evolving regulatory requirements ensuring the highest quality of safety data collection and processing.


Exchange information with thousands of payers

Payers need real-time access to information about your product(s) to make informed formulary decisions. And you need to understand payer perceptions of your products to guide market access and evidence generation strategies.

Connect with the largest active online payer community in the US to share information and maximize brand visibility throughout your product's lifecycle. 


Your patients are core to everything we do.

Patient services

Advanced technologies and expert human support from Cencora help to ensure access, affordability, and adherence to your lifesaving therapies

And now, through Access Network, your program can integrate with provider workflows like never before. Reduce missing information and data redundancy. And get real-time status updates about patient delays and points of abandonment for more informed business decisions.

  • Benefit verification / reverification
  • eBV / Digital assistance
  • Prior authorization / ePA
  • Provider workflow integration
  • AI-driven technology
  • Patient assistance programs
  • Copay assistance
  • eServices (Electronic PAP)
  • Free-goods pharmacy services
  • Personalized interventions
  • Case management
  • Telehealth
  • Field-based nursing services
  • Clinician-to-patient & peer-to-peer education

Customized field reimbursement and access support

Innovative Field Solutions

Our expert teams work closely with providers and their staff to navigate reimbursement issues and other barriers to patient access., so more patients benefit from therapy — sooner. Whether you need field support or consulting expertise, we’ll customize solutions to suit your product, providers, patients, and budget. Our consultative approach means you have flexibility to adjust the level of support as your product moves through its lifecycle.


We handle your entire field reimbursement team function, whether for large or small patient populations. Ideal for those without an in-house team who want third-party expert support.


We supplement your in-house field reimbursement team function. Ideal for those who have in-house field teams and want to bridge coverage gaps with expert support. This option helps maintain continuity of HCP support and patient treatment pull through.  
payment processing

Improving patient access with financial technology

Financial Services

payment processing

Affordability programs are key to patient access. But traditional models may be difficult to manage. They use multiple providers, are fragmented, and provide limited financial insights. This clouds visibility for biopharma companies and ties up cash flow, limiting your control and flexibility. So you’re unable to efficiently address the variety of financial barriers patients and pharmacies face at the point of dispense. 

Our fintech solutions make optimizing your affordability programs easy. That’s because our services operate on one secure proprietary fintech platform — rather than tie up funds across several providers. With our Advanced Affordability solutions,  dynamically adjust the level of support that patients and independent pharmacies need to address each barrier, helping patients access their therapy as prescribed. 

payment processing

Channel strategy and global transport solutions

Channel strategy & distribution

Utilize a proven network and innovative channel strategies to help patients access the medications they need, when and where they need them.

Global storage & transport solutions

Deploy a holistic suite of solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics, including global transport, storage and outsourced logistics.

Operations, replenishment, and DSCSA support

Streamline logistics and ensuring compliance in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Access the guidance and forms you need to work with our team and exchange data with us.

Strategic global sourcing

Strategic by nature. Connected by design. We create partnerships that unlock product potential and move health forward. 

OTC & consumer health products

Through our Good Neighbor Pharmacy network of independent community pharmacies, we help optimize placement and awareness of OTC pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products.

Global generic products

Our extensive access to health systems, community pharmacies, physician practices and other classes of trade extends your reach across the continuum of care and helps drive market share growth.

Biosimilar products

We help manufacturer partners navigate the complexities of the emerging biosimilars market. We leverage our unique position to advise partners on channel strategies and commercialization solutions that maximize patient and provider access.

Brand & specialty products

We have decades of experience partnering with brand and specialty manufacturers to design tailored commercialization strategies that optimize uptake and performance across the product lifecycle.

Targeted marketing communications

Promote your brand, generic and consumer healthcare products with highly targeted marketing programs that deliver tangible results.

Provider & GPO experience

Enable healthcare providers to enhance patient care with services and solutions that support their business and enhance the patient experience

Explore therapeutic area specific solutions

Specialty therapeutic area solutions

We are Cencora. Our shared identity unites us.

Cencora brings the companies and services of AmerisourceBergen together under one new name. Check out our full life cycle commercialization solutions, and contact us today to learn more.