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Manufacturer Solutions

From clinical trial to market availability, we have solutions for your products’ needs today. And, for where your product needs to go tomorrow.
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Holistic. Proven. And designed to be flexible.

Biopharma Services integrated capabilities

Each investment we make is focused on connecting healthcare stakeholders to accelerate healthier futures. Our unrivaled expertise powers us in our vision to help you fully realize your product’s power—through the patients it reaches and the strategic outcomes it delivers. Our support for your product is as dynamic as your needs and your patients. Learn more about our end to end suite of commercialization solutions for biopharma companies.

Let's work together to envision new paths to healthier futures around the world. 

Channel strategy & distribution

Utilize a proven network and innovative channel strategies to help patients access the medications they need, when and where they need them.

Global storage & transport solutions

Deploy a holistic suite of solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics, including global transport, storage and outsourced logistics.

Health economics & market access consulting

Lean on a bench of experts ready to facilitate your path to market with innovative thinking and data driven decisions.

Patient access, affordability, & adherence

Increase speed to therapy and engage patients along their journey with patient access, affordability & adherence services.

Innovative Field Solutions

Partner with our outsourced reimbursement specialists and provider educators to maximize your patient access programs.

Data & Analytics

Use analytics and insights to enhance time to market, facilitate better patient care, and optimize your life sciences data.

Provider & GPO experience

Enable healthcare providers to enhance patient care with services and solutions that support their business and enhance the patient experience.

Digital Pharmacy

Biopharma manufacturers need dynamic, new ways to proactively reduce barriers in the prescription journey and adapt to an increase in digital prescribing. 

Financial Services

Our fintech solutions make optimizing your affordability programs easy. That’s because our services operate on one secure proprietary fintech platform — rather than tie up funds across several providers.


Secure platform that facilitates bi-directional information sharing between biopharma manufacturers and the largest active online payer community.

Targeted marketing communications

Promote your brand, generic and consumer healthcare products with highly targeted marketing programs that deliver tangible results.

Commercialize smarter, succeed sooner: Enterprise thinking 

Enterprise thinking offers a holistic approach that seamlessly orchestrates data, services, and support to accelerate time-to-market and optimize the patient journey. Connect with us today to discover how we can collaborate to accelerate your commercial success. 

Explore phase specific strategy

What phase of the commercialization journey best describes your product today?

Clinical development

The choices you make in the early phases of drug development will impact the rest of the journey.

Pre-launch  commercial planning

Developing your product's unique value proposition is the next critical step, as is defining your distribution channel strategy and designing patient support services.

Post launch & market maturation

Once launched, the work isn't done. You'll need medication adherence and patient access programs, as well as ongoing data analytics.

Explore therapeutic area specific solutions

Specialty therapeutic area solutions

Clinical trial products

With experience in over 16,000 clinical trials, we design and execute customized end-to-end medical logistics and consulting programs for products in all phases of development, from research to commercialization.

Cell & gene therapies

We partner with manufacturers to address the unique challenges of bringing cell and gene therapies to market. We leverage our collective and extensive expertise in specialty logistics, reimbursement and hub services to drive outcomes for our customers.


Breakthroughs in oncology therapies call for a partner who understands what’s at stake. From the beginning stages of research to ongoing patient support, our experienced teams are here to help trailblaze every step of the way.

Rare & orphan

We understand your therapies and patients are unique, so we’ve developed custom solutions that can unlock the potential of every type of therapy, no matter how small the patient population.

Strategic global sourcing

Strategic by nature. Connected by design. We create partnerships that unlock product potential and move health forward. 

Global generic products

Our extensive access to health systems, community pharmacies, physician practices and other classes of trade extends your reach across the continuum of care and helps drive market share growth.

Biosimilar products

We help manufacturer partners navigate the complexities of the emerging biosimilars market. We leverage our unique position to advise partners on channel strategies and commercialization solutions that maximize patient and provider access.

Brand & specialty products

We have decades of experience partnering with brand and specialty manufacturers to design tailored commercialization strategies that optimize uptake and performance across the product lifecycle.

OTC & consumer health products

Through our Good Neighbor Pharmacy network of independent community pharmacies, we help optimize placement and awareness of OTC pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products.

Manufacturer operations, replenishment, and DSCSA support

AmerisourceBergen’s manufacturer operations team prioritizes patient safety and product access by streamlining logistics and ensuring compliance in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Access the guidance and forms you need to work with our team and exchange data with us.

We are Cencora. Our shared identity unites us.

Cencora brings the companies and services of AmerisourceBergen together under one new name. Check out our full life cycle commercialization solutions, and contact us today to learn more.