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Creating Sustainability & Longevity for Biosimilars


At AmerisourceBergen, we believe in the promise of biosimilars to deliver cost savings across healthcare. We also understand the potential hurdles these unique products will face. That's why we offer solutions for increasing access to and confidence in these emerging therapies.
Vials and needle

For manufacturers

Distribution & commercialization services

Our experts can help you devise channel strategies and tailored solutions for access and uptake. And, we have market-leading reach into the sites of care where patients are being treated with biosimilars.
Providers and consultant

For providers

Education & reimbursement support

Our market-leading GPOs connect physicians and manufacturers for unrivaled purchasing power and education. Plus, field reimbursement support helps practices navigate payment for these new products.

For patients

Impacting access, affordability & adherence

Our patient assistance program (PAP) models and adherence services are tailored to your product and patient needs and integrate seamlessly with our reimbursement and co-pay services.

Our relationships span:



of U.S. hospitals and health systems



of U.S. community oncology market



of U.S. renal market



provider sites



provider sites

  A guide for understanding the growing market

Biosimilar Pipeline Report

This reference guide is a useful tool to visualize and understand the current product landscape and potential future of this emerging market. 

We advance access with integrated commercialization services for all biosimilars

Field reimbursement support
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GPO access & provider education
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HUB & patient services
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Market access consulting
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Resources & education

Read the FDA's guidance on biosimilars and get answers to patients' frequently asked questions.

"The right conditions exist in the U.S. for biosimilar commercialization success. Competition has proven to bring prices down – look at the generics market over the last 30 years – but now we need to create a supportive system."

Steve Collis, Chairman, President and CEO, AmerisourceBergen 

Connect with an expert

Find out more about how AmerisourceBergen can support your product or practice as the biosimilars market in the U.S. expands.

Sean McGowan, Senior Director Biosimilars

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In the inaugural episode of the AmerisourceBergen Insights podcast, we’re looking at the biosimilars market with Sean McGowan, Senior Director of Biosimilars at AmerisourceBergen. Sean will be joined by David Senior and Steve Miller to discuss the policy and reimbursement issues that impact our customers and the overall growth of biosimilars. 

The changing Biosimilars landscape

COVID-19 changed the way physician practices and health systems interacted with patients. The pandemic has presented opportunities for greater engagement with customers who are building a strategy around adoption and cost savings.

It has been a successful year, and 2021 looks just as promising. Sean McGowan anticipates new manufacturers and a second wave of products into existing biosimilar markets.

Physician Q&A: How to Boost Confidence in Biosimilars

Biosimilars have the potential to reduce healthcare costs in the United States — but only if the market grows. Dr. Kashyap Patel, Medical Director at Carolina Blood and Cancer Care, provides perspective on how manufacturers can help deliver on the promise of cost savings by improving physician confidence in biosimilars.

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