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The most trusted specialty medical logistics company in the world

We transport your most precious shipments. And we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Across our global network of dedicated associates, we monitor the safety and integrity of your product proactively.

Improving global medical logistics

Whether designing and executing world-class medical logistics processes for the biopharmaceutical industry, or providing emergency logistical support for other key industries, we’ve built our reputation on half a century of proven medical courier reliability and flawless execution.
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Leading Refrigerated Container

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Delivering maximum reliability and value

Cocoon is the industry’s most dependable and cost-effective passive solution for transporting pallet-sized shipments of temperature-sensitive materials. Having recently been recognized for Supply Chain Transformation at the 15th annual Global Forum Excellence Awards, Cocoon is redefining what’s possible in refrigerated containers and pharmaceutical logistics.  

Featured capabilities


Connect your lab to BioSphere, a hybrid transport service with select integrator partners, you can harness World Courier’s strengths to bring performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness to your central lab’s transport needs.

Cell & gene therapy

Cell and gene therapies require coordination of complex interdependencies between stakeholders due to their personalized nature and intricate time restraints.

Clinical trial logistics

We design and execute customized end-to-end medical logistics programs for clinical trials in all phases of development, from research to commercialization.


We improve treatment accessibility by bringing medications directly into patients’ homes, whether for at-home clinical trials or commercial distribution through our medical courier capability.

Temperature controlled logistics

Our clients are shipping more medical material over longer distances than ever before. A successful delivery is contingent on selecting the right packaging for the specific conditions that will be encountered on the route.

Third-party logistics

Optimize the efficiency, quality, and performance of your evolving supply chain needs. We can convert fixed logistics costs into variable costs, which confidently scale with your business, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. 
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Our businesses

World Courier

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World Courier designs and executes global logistics processes for specialty pharmaceutical companies, who trust us to play a crucial role in their clinical trial and commercial supply chain. Our experienced personnel, global network and specialized market knowledge ensure optimal handling, transport and delivery of our customers’ lifesaving products.
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Our businesses


ICS is a specialty logistics partner that works with pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop efficient, high-quality supply chain strategies. As a pioneer in the specialty logistics market, we have helped bring hundreds of products to market over the past two decades.
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Our businesses

Innomar Strategies

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Innomar Strategies is the leading patient support provider in the Canadian specialty pharmaceutical market. We help manufacturers navigate the complex healthcare environment and gain market access with turnkey, end-to-end commercialization solutions and consultative services.
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biopharma commercialization

Biopharma Services

Each investment we make is focused on connecting healthcare stakeholders to accelerate healthier futures. Our unrivaled expertise powers us in our vision to help you fully realize your product’s power—through the patients it reaches and the strategic outcomes it delivers. Learn more about our end to end suite of commercialization solutions for biopharma companies.

Let's work together to envision new paths to healthier futures around the world.

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