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About Us

Creating healthier futures

Through our role in human and animal health, we support healthy and resilient communities around the globe.

Moving health forward

Together with our customers, the AmerisourceBergen family of companies works in service to patients. We design and deliver solutions for unparalleled access, efficiency, and reliability to move health forward.

Improving health & wellbeing


Promoting global sustainability


Inspiring team members

Improving the health and well-being of people and animals

Medication accessibility

We ensure medications are accessible when they are needed.

Healthcare efficiency

We drive efficiency, making healthcare more affordable.

Supply chain reliability

We protect the integrity and reliability of the global
pharmaceutical supply chain.

Promoting global sustainability through our role in human and animal health

Environmentally focused

We are conscious of our impact on the environment and committed to responsible supply chain operations that contribute to a healthier planet for future generations.

Socially responsible

As an ethical company with a strong moral compass, we support healthy and resilient communities where we live and work.

Intrinsically linked

We understand the link between humans, animals, and our planet, and we support sustainable food production to feed a growing population.

Inspiring our team members to lead fulfilling lives both in & outside of work

Purpose activists

We are good people inspired to do the right thing.

Forward thinkers

With a focus on action and resourcefulness, we are making an impact across healthcare.

People-first leaders

We foster a work environment where our people can be authentic and share ideas with confidence.

Solutions across the healthcare supply chain

Pharmaceutical distribution solutions
We ensure that crucial medications efficiently, reliably and securely reach their destinations every day.
Provider solutions
We deliver solutions that power patient care for pharmacies, physician practices, hospitals and health systems.
Manufacturer solutions
Alongside distribution and logistics, we help pharmaceutical manufacturers bring their products to market – assisting with each step from pre-commercial to broad market availability.

Animal health solutions

We provide distribution, technology, and innovation for veterinarians, livestock producers and manufacturers to make a meaningful difference in their businesses and the health of animals.

We are in the business of improving care.

Helping people access the healthcare products they need is in our DNA. Whether through product sourcing and distribution, supporting community-based care or partnering with manufacturers to bring an innovative product to market, our commitment to improving patients' lives makes all the difference.