Our Purpose

We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.

At AmerisourceBergen, our purpose means we understand that our duty as a company extends beyond the services we provide, the customers we serve, the team members we employ, and the communities where we live and work. 

It means we understand our moral obligation to improve the wellbeing of human and animal populations by expanding access to quality healthcare, operating sustainably, and upholding the highest standards of safety and quality.

When we pursue our purpose, we:

Improve health and well-being 

Promote global sustainability 

Inspire our team members 

Brand value

How we live

Put people first. The rest will follow. 

We are committed to improving life. Success for our company happens when we help our partners and team members thrive.

Tell the truth. Tell it fast. 

We believe that being kind means that we are direct, but with good intention. Together this allows us to move forward with clarity and alignment.

Celebrate individuality. Act as a community. 

There is power in our individual perspectives. Our greatest impact is when we collaborate as one, using our collective expertise to generate ideas with sustaining value.

Be bold. Stay humble. 

We have confidence and respect in each other’s abilities and expertise, which empowers us to take risks when they are worthy. Our humility keeps us grounded.

Be part of the solution. 

Curiosity is contagious. Empathy and passion are too. We turn chaos into order by creating solutions that enrich the lives of those we serve – our partners, patients, team members, and communities around the world.

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We believe that work can be more than just a paycheck—it can also have a purpose. AmerisourceBergen fosters a diverse community of team members who are passionate about creating healthier futures for millions of people and animals around the world.