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Secure Supply Chain

What you need to know before November 2023

AmerisourceBergen is committed to partnering with dispensers to prepare for the federal regulations that go into effect in November 2023. The Drug Supply Chain Security Act, or DSCSA, has implications for our customers. We will be providing detailed information over the coming months. Use this page as a resource for the most updated information. 

What is The DSCSA and what does this mean for customers?

Understanding GLN requirements and customer impact

Frequently asked questions


DSCSA: Are you ready for November 2023?

3 ways your distributor can help you prepare for DSCSA compliance

Watch this video from Matt Sample, SVP, Manufacturer Operations to understand the 2023 DSCSA requirements for dispensers. 

View these additional resources as provided by the FDA

Drug Supply Chain Security Act

List of DSCSA Policy Documents

Key Provisions of the Law