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Biosimilars pipeline report: A guide for understanding the growing market

By AmerisourceBergen

To date, there have been 48 approvals and 38 launches in the U.S. biosimilars market. 

Biosimilars are a promising product category, one that can provide patients and doctors with more affordable treatment options. As this market matures, its pipeline continues to grow. This reference guide is a useful tool to visualize and understand the current product landscape and potential future of this emerging market.
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We believe in the promise of biosimilars to deliver cost savings across healthcare. We also understand the potential hurdles these unique products will face. That's why we offer solutions for increasing access to and confidence in these emerging therapies.
Landscape of biosimilars

The landscape of available biosimilars

In this white paper, we delve into the concept of biosimilars, their distinctions from generics, their impact on reimbursement policies, and the challenges and opportunities they present to healthcare providers, payers, and manufacturers.