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Environmental, social, and governance

Healthier futures start with the health of our people and our planet. See how we’re making a positive impact on both through the work we do.

2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

Our annual report provides detailed information on our ESG performance and highlights our commitment to building partnerships and operations that benefit society and the environment.

Non-profit partner spotlight


Sostento helps frontline healthcare workers save lives in underserved communities. Founded in 2019 in response to the opioid overdose crisis, Sostento has worked tirelessly to uplift health heroes during the pandemic through providing tools, services, and resources that they need most. The AmerisourceBergen Foundation has provided Sostento with vital support to its peer recovery network  and community outreach efforts in West Virginia, as well as its COVID-19 response work in providing free, charitable clinics across the country.

Promoting a positive social and environmental impact

At AmerisourceBergen, we are committed to building partnerships and operations that benefit society and the environment.

Environmental, social, and governance

At AmerisourceBergen, we are committed to advancing our ESG initiatives to create healthier futures around the world. We strive to foster a positive impact on the planet and people – centered on improving access and equity in healthcare – through three priorities that align with our services and beliefs.

Purpose-driven team members

Around the globe, we engage team members and foster a diverse and inclusive workforce in which our purpose is shared and individuality is celebrated.

Resilient and sustainable operations

We are committed to efficient and responsible operations across our global supply chain, accelerating the delivery of medications and healthcare services.

Healthy communities for all

We inspire equitable access to healthcare services within global communities and patient populations by making programs and medication accessible where needed most.

Supplier diversity

Committed to supplier diversity and economic inclusion

As a global organization, everyone at AmerisourceBergen is inspired, motivated, and driven by our purpose to create healthier futures for everyone around the world. 

The AmerisourceBergen Foundation

Improving the health and wellbeing of our patient populations

The AmerisourceBergen Foundation is an independent non-for-profit charitable giving organization established by the company to support health-related causes that enrich the global community. The Foundation aims to improve the health and wellbeing of its patient populations - both human and animal - by investing in its communities.