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Diversity, equity, and inclusion


At AmerisourceBergen, we’re deeply committed to creating healthier futures, whether it’s by bringing new therapies to market or ensuring that much-needed medications reach the right patients at the right time. But to make meaningful progress, it takes the hard work and collaboration of a global network of team members who all feel a true sense of belonging and connection to our purpose. So, for us, DEI isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s the only way we can continue moving healthcare forward.

Diversity is bringing together all types of people

We value what makes people unique, seek out different perspectives, and invest in our team members around the world.

Equity is building a community where everyone can thrive

We seek out inequities and address disparities as we engage all the team members, partners, customers, and patients in our global community, while working together to create fair and comparable access to healthcare services for all.

Inclusion is fostering a culture that gives everyone a voice

We embrace open dialogue and collaboration as part of our culture, which empowers everyone to share their unique perspectives and feel valued, respected, and supported for it.
A diverse group of team members working together

Representation diversity

A diverse group of team members working together

The diversity of our workforce is a direct reflection of our commitment to fair representation at every level across our enterprise. Having all different types of people working together is what makes our organization stronger and more dynamic. It empowers our empathy and fuels our innovation. However, balancing demographics is only a small part of our diversity journey. We also provide our team members with training and programming to help them break through biases and be inspired by diversity of thought.

A diverse group of team members working together
A pharmacist giving a thumbs up after administering COVID-19 vaccine to a patient

Advancing equity

A pharmacist giving a thumbs up after administering COVID-19 vaccine to a patient

If we’re going to create truly healthier futures, it’s our responsibility to ensure that equity is always part of the conversation. From pay equity to health equity, we’re committed to addressing inequities, closing gaps, and striving to make progress. And by giving our people equitable access to the opportunities and resources they need, they're able to achieve their full potential and encouraged to bring that same equity-minded approach to the work they do.

A pharmacist giving a thumbs up after administering COVID-19 vaccine to a patient
Inclusion 2

Global inclusion

Inclusion 2

With tens of thousands of team members and hundreds of office locations around the globe, we have the opportunity to touch the lives of patients in every part of the world. But to do that, we need to leverage the local insight of everyone from our regional directors to our drivers, so we urge all our team members to voice their points of view. This is part of our inclusive culture and something we cultivate every day through engagement activities, open communication, and continuous efforts to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable being their authentic self.

Inclusion 2
The cover of the FY22 AmerisourceBergen DEI Report

Making and measuring progress

The cover of the FY22 AmerisourceBergen DEI Report

Along our DEI journey, it’s critical for us to keep track of where our organization started, where we are now, and where we want to be in the future. Not only is this instrumental in achieving our DEI goals, but it’s also necessary if we’re going to be fully transparent with our team members, partners, and stakeholders. Our annual DEI Report is a testament to this. It clearly shares our baseline metrics, year-over-year progress, key initiatives, and plans for the months ahead so we can hold ourselves accountable for the results we’re driving.

The cover of the FY22 AmerisourceBergen DEI Report

Employee resource groups

Our ERGs give our team members a place to rally together around their shared backgrounds and experiences so they can learn from one another, participate in community-affirming activities, and work together to make AmerisourceBergen a more welcoming environment. We have a combined total of more than 5,200 ERG members worldwide who are heavily involved in shaping the culture here. Plus, they also contribute valuable insights and recommendations to advance our business objectives in a way that keeps our DEI initiatives at their core.
The titles of the AmerisourceBergen employee resource groups
Our ERGs are the driving force behind many of our big celebrations like Pride Month, Black History Month, and AAPI Heritage Month. They also go above and beyond when it comes to developing volunteer opportunities, driving participation among ERG members, and encouraging non-members to get involved.

Guided by our Global DEI Council

At AmerisourceBergen, we're committed to fostering a global workplace that values diversity, equity, and inclusion by building pathways for every team member to thrive, expanding opportunities for people with different abilities, affecting meaningful change in our communities, and making progress with transparency and accountability. This aligns with our purpose of creating healthier futures as we expand access to quality healthcare and reduce health disparities.

Our DEI Global Council helps us live up to these commitments by:

  • Driving increased accountability for team member's and leader's contribution to our DEI commitments
  • Amplifying the DEI strategic plan and influencing culture change
  • Operating with transparency and communicating commitments and outcomes to all team members
  • Advocating for a global culture of inclusion that reflects our customers, patients, team members, and communities in which we operate
  • Modeling cultural competency and leadership humility to embark on a continuous DEI learning journey

Aligning with our environmental, social, and governance strategy

Our DEI strategy is closely connected to our company’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) progress. At AmerisourceBergen, we’re committed to advancing our ESG initiatives to create healthier futures around the world. We strive to foster a positive impact on the planet and people — centered on improving access and equity in healthcare — through three priorities that align with our services and beliefs: purpose-driven team members, resilient and sustainable operations, and healthy communities for all.

Two black businesswomen in a meeting

Supplier diversity

We champion the success of small-, minority-, women-, disabled-, veteran-, and LGBTQ+-owned businesses as they play a critical role in the economy and are the source of many innovations that make us a leader in healthcare distribution and related services.
Young children of different races smiling and making peace signs with their hands

AmerisourceBergen Foundation

The AmerisourceBergen Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit charitable giving organization, established by the AmerisourceBergen Corporation with a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of patient populations — both human and animal — by partnering with organizations to expand access to healthcare in order to advance health equity.
AmerisourceBergen team members building homes for those in need

Team member volunteerism

Collaborations launched by AmerisourceBergen, the Foundation, and initiatives driven by our ERGs create opportunities for our team members to get involved in meaningful community impact initiatives.

Contribute to healthier futures for all

We’re always looking for people who are passionate about making a difference, and we’re excited to embrace the differences that make you unique. If our purpose and the work we’re doing resonate with you, you’re right where you need to be.
Two young women collaborating in an office setting