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Connecting health systems, biopharma companies, and payer communities

Advancing the exchange of information.

Health systems

FormularyDecisions for health systems

Biopharma Companies

FormularyDecisions  for biopharma manufacturers

FormularyDecisions is a secure third-party platform facilitating the exchange of information between biopharma companies and healthcare decision makers to help support the product evaluation process. The platform supports users that represent over 269 million covered lives across the US including active healthcare decision makers from managed care organizations, pharmacy benefit managers, health systems, and government representing over 900 organizations.

With FormularyDecisions, you can enhance the way product data is share through access to over 3,000 FDA-approved and pipeline products on a single, secure 24/7 platform. In addition, there are over 1 million evidence links to leading scientific resources including the FDA, CDC, NIH, JAMA, PubMed, and more, providing a more efficient method to source information to support your product needs.