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Fintech solutions for biopharma affordability programs
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Removing financial barriers for better patient access

Affordability programs are key to patient access. But traditional models may be difficult to manage. They use multiple providers, are fragmented, and provide limited data insights. This clouds visibility for biopharma companies and ties up cash flow, limiting your control and flexibility. You’re unable to address the many complex financial barriers that lead to prescription abandonment and get in the way of providing patient access. 
Of adults on 4+ Rx
have difficulty affording them1
Of Rx above $75
are abandoned2
Biopharma spends
on patient support yearly3

Improving patient access with financial technology 

Our fintech solutions make optimizing your affordability programs easy. That’s because our services operate on one secure proprietary fintech platform — rather than tie up funds across several providers. From claims management to payment processing, gain visibility, adapt quickly, and approach the shifting marketplace with confidence.
Total funds processed annually
Total transactions processed annually
Total accounts under management

Forward-thinking solutions for patient affordability

We serve a broad range of pharmaceutical and healthcare clients ranging from hub service providers and copay program managers to specialty pharmacies and payors including:

  • Copay Rx claims processing
  • Hub services
  • Rx payment processing management
  • Accumulator and specialty pharma processing
  • Direct patient programs
  • Patient assistance programs
  • Rx sampling
  • Rebates and reimbursements

Claims management

A 43% growth in covered claims in just 5 months?4 That’s what we’ve helped our clients achieve. Whether it’s tweaking reimbursement to reduce pharmacy abandonment, adjusting the claims adjudication process to simplify workflows, or customizing patient support, find out what a more dynamic claims management approach could mean for you. 

Payment processing

Don’t lose access to your own affordability program funds. Our unique approach to funding gives you more control, flexibility, and transparency — so you can easily make improvements, shift funds across multiple programs, or disburse provider payments quickly. Discover all the ways you benefit by keeping control of your program funding with us.




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Additional Solutions

Digital Pharmacy

Our tech-driven, patient-centric ecosystem accelerates patient access, reduces abandonment rates, and drives toward drug adherence.

Patient access, affordability, & adherence

Increase speed to therapy and engage patients along their journey with patient access, affordability, & adherence services.

Innovative Field Solutions

Partner with our outsourced reimbursement specialists and provider educations to maximize your patient access programs.
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3 FiercePharma. Pharmas’ Return on $5B Spent Yearly on Patient Support Programs? Only 3% Are Using Them: Survey. 6 July 2021. Accessed 6 February 2022.  Available online at:
4 Anonymous pharmaceutical manufacturer, prescription claims data, July 2019-March 2020


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