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Patient access

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Breaking boundaries and eliminating barriers

Advancing access through innovation

AmerisourceBergen combines highly skilled teams with cutting-edge technology. Our tech-enabled processes utilize a state-of-the-art technology ecosystem to make benefit verification, reverification, prior authorization, and reporting more seamless than ever. 


Simplifying steps to therapy

Benefit verification


Accessing and understanding benefit information at the time of prescription is critical for speed to therapy and for therapy adherence. Whether medical or pharmacy benefit verification (BV), our comprehensive and flexible services leverage technologies that make it possible to get the information you need at the moment you need it–whether that's a full explanation of benefits, the details of a patient's health plan, or the cost-share for a specific medication. 

In addition, our expanded eBV services include a unique digital assistant technology, which utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language recognition to make automated payer calls. 


Reducing barriers to access

Prior authorization

Providers should be able to focus on patient care, not paperwork. Our electronic prior authorization (ePA) solutions connect to all major payers and guide the provider through each step of the prior approval form to make the process seamless. An integrated provider portal keeps providers up-to-date on the patient's status, while experienced counselors manage the workflow and appeals.
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Revolutionizing high-tech and high-touch solutions


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By leveraging the most comprehensive and flexible electronic solution on the market, you can ensure the needs of patients and providers are being met at each stage of the product lifecycle. Our advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology learns, adapts, and updates algorithms to increase automation at every possible step. And our FUSION technology ecosystem incorporates field-based dashboards that provide manufacturer insights, as well as provider portals that offer actionable reporting and case management tracking. 

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AI-driven patient access solutions


AmerisourceBergen manufacturer commercialization strategies

Beyond patient access

Biopharma Services

Each investment we make is focused on connecting healthcare stakeholders to accelerate healthier futures. Our unrivaled expertise powers us in our vision to help you fully realize your product’s power—through the patients it reaches and the strategic outcomes it delivers. Learn more about our end to end suite of commercialization solutions for biopharma companies.

Let's work together to envision new paths to healthier futures around the world.

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