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Innovative Field Solutions

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Expand patient access with a customized field reimbursement and access support solution

Our expert teams work closely with providers and their staff to navigate reimbursement issues and other barriers to patient access. So more patients benefit from therapy — sooner. Whether you need field support or consulting expertise, we’ll customize solutions to suit your product, providers, and patients. Our consultative approach means you have flexibility to adjust the level of support as your product moves through its lifecycle. 

Field reimbursement solutions


We handle your entire field reimbursement team function, whether for large or small patient populations. Ideal for those without an in-house team who want third-party expert support. Right-size best-in-class support with a dedicated or a shared resource model.


We supplement your in-house field reimbursement team function. Ideal for those who have in-house field teams and want to bridge coverage gaps with expert support. This option helps maintain continuity of HCP support and patient treatment pull through.  

Specialized field solution


Optimize your pharmacy network channel strategy to support patient access

Pharmacies may not know about important resources you offer to help them with the challenges of dispensing your therapy (e.g., copay card and other biopharma company-sponsored patient support programs, updates on payer coverage and policy changes, etc.).  This can limit your therapy’s success. Cencora Pharmacy Account Managers (PAMs) can help. PAMs are your trusted pharmacy network liaisons with a mission to help you improve fulfillment while minimizing delays in treatment delivery. These specialists build relationships with your pharmacy network partners and educate stakeholders on the best steps to address patient access barriers.

Consulting expertise 

Building an in-house team? Lean on our expertise. We’ll help you design your infrastructure, informed by more than 17 years building over 50 compliant, best-in-class teams. Our consultants share insights, best practices, and recommendations to help you avoid costly pitfalls. Don’t be left wondering: Use our time-tested approaches and build better in-house systems with confidence.

Available focus areas:

  • Team design
  • Communication
  • Team member training
  • Knowledge and skills assessment
  • Development of tools and resources


Whatever your needs, we’ll customize a consulting solution that works for you.   

Field solutions insights

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Essential skills for outsourced field solutions teams

If you're a manufacturer outsourcing field support, it may not be immediately obvious what types of experience and expertise are most essential. You may even think you need a certain type of experience set when a key set of core skills, such as prior authorization or miscellaneous J code experience, is really what's critical. Download our checklist to help you decide which skills are core, non-negotiable, translational attributes for a field reimbursement and access specialist.

How to boost the effectiveness of field reimbursement support with a supplemental team

Field reimbursement teams are key to biopharma success. But even the most experienced team can benefit from flexible, high-quality supplemental support. Get the article to learn how you can make your reimbursement and access support more agile and effective. 

Best practice strategies for your emerging biopharma field team search

Outsourcing field services to a commercialization partner can be a cost-effective way for emerging biopharma to make the most of their budget while leveling the playing field with established companies. Learn more about the 5 qualities biopharma should look for in a field services partner. 

"The Field Reimbursement specialist was remarkably professional, informative, and engaging. Thanks to you, the practice is well prepared to overcome reimbursement issues that impact them every day."

 - Executive Representative, Hospital Products, Large pharma 

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