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3 reasons biopharma uses shared resources for its field support team

By AmerisourceBergen

Right-sized alternative to meet targeted reimbursement and access needs
Reimbursement and access teams can provide field- or virtual-based support to providers and office staff to help them navigate barriers that may restrict their patients’ access to therapy. Typically, a biopharma company may staff its own team, or outsource it to a third-party service provider. By outsourcing, it can focus on other activities that are also critical to the success of its therapy, such as commercialization and distribution. In either case, these teams are fully dedicated to the company’s product portfolio or to one of its products.

However, there are instances when biopharma companies may not want — or need — to support a full-time reimbursement and access team that is exclusively dedicated to its product. For these companies, using a shared resource model is an intriguing option. 
Here are three reasons why your biopharma company may consider a shared resource model for reimbursement and access support — as well as how you might optimize its use for each one.



Your emerging or mid-size biopharma company may not have the resources to support a fully dedicated team for a product or portfolio. In this case, a shared resource model may prove more cost-effective.

To ensure you have the most cost-effective shared resource model for your team, look for a solution that can adjust to meet your specific budgetary needs. The model should also allow for easy adjustment so you can increase support as your needs grow and your product moves further along through its lifecycle.


Small patient volume

One of your biopharma company’s products may be focused on helping a small patient population so a fully dedicated field support team may not be needed. With a shared resource model, biopharma companies can right-size a team for these products more easily. 

When looking for a shared team, you should not sacrifice field reimbursement and access expertise. Your shared team should have experienced backgrounds — as practice administrators, account managers, certified coders, payer representatives, and pharmacy techs. This way, you can provide the product access support and education your providers and their staff may need.



Staffing challenges in the biopharma company may delay patient access to therapy. Shared resources can provide a cost-effective way to supplement your biopharma company’s internal field support team and cover for an unexpected and/or extended absence with experienced reimbursement and access support.

Consider a partner that offers unparalleled experience designing and implementing customized field solutions to support products across different types of therapy. This can enable a shared team to supplement programs across your entire portfolio. 

A shared resource model may be ideal for a variety of reasons when reimbursement and access support are unnecessary on a full-time basis.

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