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EU Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Resources


From PICO anxiety to PICO strategy: planning for EU HTA success

In this interview, Ruairi O'Donnell, EU HTA Lead at Cencora, delves into the intricacies of the Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) process and its impact on health technology developers (HTDs), particularly concerning the challenges of predicting and addressing PICOs (Population, Intervention, Comparator, Outcome). 

Q&A on the latest guidelines for statistical analysis in EU Health Technology Assessment

The European health technology assessment (HTA) landscape is evolving, with new guidelines on statistical analysis set to impact biopharmaceutical companies starting in January 2025. Dr. Michael Hennig, Senior Director, Expertise Line Head HTA Statistics, at Cencora PharmaLex, delves into the details of the guidelines, their evolution, stakeholder involvement, challenges in implementation, promising approaches, adaptability to emerging trends, and their potential influence on decision-making processes within healthcare systems across Europe. 

Forging ahead with US and EU healthcare policy changes: balancing sustainability, innovation and patient access in the era of IRA and EU HTA

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is set to introduce significant reforms aimed at controlling drug prices and reducing out-of-pocket expenses for patients. The EU Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Regulation is about to be increasingly adopted to streamline and enhance efficiency within decision-making for the clinical value of new health technologies. But what are the implications of these policies for stakeholders, including biopharma companies, healthcare providers, payers, and patients?
Launch of ATMPs in Europe

Q&A Interview: Navigating the launch of ATMPs in Europe

Considering the imminent impact of the EU Health Technology Assessment (HTA) on ATMPs and oncology drugs, starting January 2025, Cencora experts Lung-I Cheng, Vice President and Head of Cell and Gene Therapy, and Herbert Altmann, Vice President of Market Access and Healthcare Consulting, shed light on the upcoming shifts in regulation and the strategies essential for successful navigation. 

HTA JCA implementing acts

Embarking on the EU HTAR realization journey: Key insights from the first of six implementing acts

Less than one year before the implementation of the European Union Health Technology Assessment Regulation (EU HTAR), industry and national HTA bodies are still missing clarity on the Joint Scientific Consultation (JSC) and Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) procedures. The first implementing act of JCA has now been published, but does it address the stakeholders’ concerns?
HTA JCA implmentation

Anticipating issues, tackling challenges: Next steps with the JCA

With less than nine months until the joint clinical assessment (JCA) process in Europe comes into force, concerns about the process are growing.
jca patient voice webinar

Webinar on demand: Implications of the EU JCA on patient access and engagement

The Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) aims to improve patient access to innovative medicinal products, however, there are concerns about how effectively the JCA will recognize the patients’ voice. Watch on demand to hear from experts from  Cancer Patients Europe, the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE), and Cencora.
EU JCA Patients at the center

Patients at the center – Does the JCA truly embrace the patients’ voice?

Webinar panelists explore how the JCA will incorporate the patient perspective
Awaiting the JCA implementing acts


It’s Just…So…Cool – Don’t miss your opportunity for JSC!

Kim Joline Schmidt, MSc
March 2024

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Unlocking the Potential of Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) in Europe: Insights from Industry Leaders and Experts

December 2023



Webinar on demand: Implications of the EU JCA on patient access and engagement

November 2023

Navigating new access hurdles in Europe: A conversation with Cencora’s EU HTA Lead

professionals around computer monitor
Does EU HTAR put patients at the center

Does the EU HTAR really put patients at the center?

There is widespread agreement across healthcare that the Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) has good intentions – to accelerate the process of bringing innovative medicinal products to patients, strive for equal access, and reduce bureaucracy1. The more pertinent question, however, is how will the new process, which is a key pillar of the European Union’s Regulation on Health Technology Assessment (HTAR), truly impact patients across the EU?
EU JCA countdown

Navigating the way to the new EU JCA—Are biopharma companies, HTA bodies, patients, and clinicians sufficiently prepared? 

The interim period between the closure of the European Network for Health Technology Assessment 21 (EUnetHTA 21) and the full application of the Health Technology Assessment Regulation (HTAR) has begun. Is sufficient guidance available for biopharma companies, health technology assessment (HTA) bodies, patients, and clinicians, or do uncertainties remain?

Exploring the Implications of Differing PICO Criteria for Oncology Drug Assessments in Europe

The European Union’s Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA), relies on the definition of consolidated population, intervention, comparators, and outcomes (PICO) criteria to guide assessments. However, as we discovered through our research presented at the ISPOR Europe 2023 conference, national differences in healthcare systems and treatment guidelines can significantly impact the application of PICO criteria in drug assessments. 

Anticipating the top seven global market access trends for 2024: Cencora’s healthcare landscape outlook

global market access trends in 2024
the eu jca process webinar

The EU JCA process: Opportunities and challenges in bringing innovative medicines to patients in Europe

During this panel discussion healthcare system experts from Cencora, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), MSD, PharmaLex, and Vintura, explore the JCA process and efforts to ensure timely access to innovative healthcare products within this new framework.
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Unlocking the Potential of Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) in Europe: Insights from Industry Leaders and Experts

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, ensuring timely access to innovative therapies is a top priority. One promising approach that holds the potential to expedite patient access is the Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA). JCA aims to harmonize the evaluation and decision-making processes for new interventions across European member states, streamlining the path from development to market.

Q&A – Preparing for the EU Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) process

During a recent panel discussion on the European Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) process market access and healthcare system experts offered their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are likely to encounter. 
implementation of the new EU JCA

Only 17 months until the implementation of the new EU JCA—Latest developments and remaining uncertainties

The clock is ticking down to the implementation of the EU JCA, yet many questions remain. What do we know, and how can we prepare for what comes next?
Group Physicians Wearing Masks

Multistakeholder perspectives on Joint Clinical Assessment in Europe

What are the opportunities and challenges for improving patient access to new treatments? In an interview with The Evidence Base, our experts discuss the JCA framework, how it will streamline the HTA process and help address health inequalities in Europe, what are the risks and opportunities ahead, and the key requirements to meet the needs of the different EU member states.

Shaping the future of healthcare: Our thought leadership at ISPOR Europe 2023

eu jca

Panel explores insights and implications of the game-changing EU JCA

In a recent panel discussion led by Tommy Bramley, Senior Vice President, Global Consulting and Market Access, Cencora, market access and healthcare system experts shared their insights on what the JCA will mean, and the challenges and the opportunities pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies will face. 
eu flag

How the JCA may help to address medicine inequality across Europe

With the Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) proposal expected soon and implementation just months away, stakeholders have been sharing both their hopes and concerns for the new process. 

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