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On-demand webinar: The EU JCA process: Opportunities and challenges in bringing innovative medicines to patients in Europe

By AmerisourceBergen

The Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) process is central to the European Union’s Regulation on Health Technology Assessment (HTAR), which seeks to improve patient access to innovative health technologies, including medicines and medical devices. Many factors contribute to access challenges, including the wide variation in how long each country takes to manage the HTA process on a national and sub-national level, lack of healthcare system resources in smaller EU countries, and a tendency by the industry to focus on larger markets in Europe. 

During this panel discussion healthcare system  experts from AmerisourceBergen, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), MSD, PharmaLex, and Vintura, will explore the JCA process and efforts to ensure timely access to innovative healthcare products within this new framework. The discussion will consider the challenges and opportunities presented by the JCA and the potential next steps to best prepare Pharma & Biotech companies to manage the new process.


  • Tommy Bramley, Senior Vice President, Market Access & Global Consulting, AmerisourceBergen
  • Mihai Rotaru, Senior Manager Market Access, EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations)
  • Jurgen Huismans, Global Director Access & HTA Strategy, MSD
  • Herbert Altmann, Head Commercialization and Access Solutions Europe, PharmaLex
  • Casper Paardekooper, Partner, Vintura
The EU JCA process

Key webinar learnings:

  • The rationale behind the JCA and initial expectations of the framework
  • Experience with products that have gone through the pilot phase, providing insight into the workings of the JCA process
  • Potential impact anticipated for patient access to innovative health products 
  • The opportunities and challenges presented by the JCA

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