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Shaping the future of healthcare: Our thought leadership at ISPOR Europe 2023

By AmerisourceBergen

Our teams at Cencora made a big impact at this year ISPOR Europe conference in Copenhagen. We delivered captivating presentations on topics such as the European Joint Clinical Assessment and the Health Technology Assessment Regulation in Italy. 


As proud supporters of the event, we showcased our commitment to advancing the conversation and driving innovation in the biopharma industry. 


Explore our collection of expert contributions to gain valuable insights into accelerating product success. 


Thought leadership insights


Unlocking the Potential of Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) in Europe

Industry experts from EUCOPE and Cencora share insights on challenges and opportunities associated with JCA implementation.

Patients at the center – Does the JCA truly embrace the patients’ voice?

Specialists from Cancer Patients Europe, EUCOPE and Cencora delve into the extent to which patients’ voices will be heard in decision-making.

The Dutch Lock Procedure for Reimbursement

Enhancing Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) in German AMNOG Assessments

Exploring the Implications of Differing PICO Criteria for Oncology Drug Assessments in Europe

Download our research posters

 Access groundbreaking research findings by downloading some of the posters we presented at ISPOR Europe 2023. Gain valuable knowledge and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of healthcare.   

Epidemiology and Public health 
Systematic Literature Review on the Global Epidemiology of Angelman Syndrome
Health Policy & Regulatory 
A Review of Biosimilar Utilization across EU4 and UK Since the Introduction of the First Biosimilar
The Assessment of Alternative or Abbreviated Market Access Pathways for Pharmaceutical Reimbursement in 13 European Markets  
Health Service Delivery & Process of Care 

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Frequency of Surgeries in Germany Based on Hospital Data

Health Technology Assessment 
Patient-Reported Outcomes in German AMNOG-Assessments: Impact of Increasing the Response Threshold to 15%
Uncertainty in AMNOG Benefit Assessments: Reflection of G-BA’s Underlying Motivation to Cause Abd
Uptake of Early Health Technology Assessment in the United Kingdom: A Literature Review of Empirical Studies
PICO Criteria Applied in Joint Action 3 Differ From National HTA Requirements: A Review of Oncology Drug Assessments in Denmark, France, Germany, and Sweden
Are BSC and Patient-individual Care as Appropriate Comparators Detrimental for AMNOG Benefit Assessment and Price Rebates in Germany?
Patient-Centered Research 
Quality of Life (QOL) Instruments Used in Trials of Gene-Modified Cell Therapy (GMCT) in Patients with Multiple Myeloma
Real-World Data & Information Systems 
Catheter ablation to treat cardiac arrhythmia in Germany – Trends based on German hospital data
Shifting Tides: Unveiling the Burden of Demographic Change in Germany through Administrative Hospital Data

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