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Webinar on demand: Implications of the EU JCA on patient access and engagement

By AmerisourceBergen

The Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) aims to improve patient access to innovative medicinal products, however, there are concerns about how effectively the JCA will recognize the patients’ voice.

Broadening and accelerating patient access in all EU countries is pivotal to fully leverage the value of medical innovation, and the JCA has the potential to overcome access barriers caused by varying evidence requirements across EU countries. Although harmonizing the assessment process is expected to tackle speed and access issues for patients, the involvement, support, and education of patient organizations throughout this transition phase are critical to ensure their perspectives are considered and patient engagement goes beyond mere formality.


Watch the webinar on demand to hear from healthcare system experts from Cancer Patients Europe, the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE), and Cencora on topics including:

  • The implications of the EU JCA on patient access and engagement in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) processes
  • The challenges and opportunities associated with the JCA
  • Strategies for Pharma & Biotech companies to effectively navigate this new process
  • Identifying potential next steps to best prepare for this new regulation ensuring a smoother transition while minimizing any adverse impact on patients' ability to access and engage in HTA processes