Pharmacy Solutions

Pharmacies turn to AmerisourceBergen for powerful services and solutions that result in greater access to products, business growth, operational efficiency and enhanced patient care.

Distribution services

Access to the right product at the right time is vital to the health of every patient and the success of every pharmacy. We provide a seamless customer experience by ensuring that you receive what you need, on time, every day.

A comprehensive program for independent pharmacies

Good Neighbor Pharmacy® brings out the best in community pharmacies and helps them achieve long-term growth by simplifying their business operations, amplifying their brand identity and protecting their independence. As part of our powerful managed care network, you join around 4,200 independent pharmacies, gaining the collective scale and voice needed to thrive in an intimidating industry. Moreover, you become part of something bigger—a group of peers who are excited to talk about their experiences, share their ideas and grow with you side by side, because you share a common bond made stronger by the very fact that you’re independent and proud of it.
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Good Neighbor Pharmacy Connect Podcasts

Listen in as we chat with leading independent pharmacy experts on a variety of topics, covering everything from collaborative practice agreements to business diversification to back-to-school shopping. The podcasts feature casual conversations using real-world examples, best practices from pharmacy peers and explorations of the latest trends in independent pharmacy.
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