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Long-Term Care Pharmacies 

Your long-term care pharmacy business deserves a partner that prioritizes your priorities, your goals, and your patients.

AmerisourceBergen offers an innovative long-term care pharmacy distribution solution that: 

  • Recognizes the importance of your patient care 
  • Supports your strategic business priorities 
  • Partners with you to achieve growth, operational efficiencies, and improved outcomes
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Recognizing the importance of pharmacy care in long-term care settings

nurse with older female patient
Your patients are important and so is the care you provide them. With expertise in the nuances of your business, we help you continue to provide excellent patient care. We also put our expertise to work for you in state and federal advocacy initiatives to help our long-term care pharmacy partners continue to deliver excellent patient care now and in the future. 
nurse with older female patient
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Supporting your strategic business priorities

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We’re not content to keep doing things the same way. With a purpose to create healthier futures guiding us, we want to see your business and your patients thrive. That’s why we partner with you to identify more ways we can collaborate. Our Strategic Partnership Reviews help support your business initiatives, help you identify opportunities, and help you achieve your goals.  

  • We work with you creatively in contracting and sourcing 
  • We choose our product portfolio based on what your patients need, so that you don’t have to search elsewhere 
  • Your dedicated account support team helps you provide optimal patient care 
  • Our strategic account support drives efficiencies for your business using tools like alt serv, drug access support, and more
  • Your business is supported by alternate care pharmacists and other experts with decades of experience in your long-term care setting
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pharmacy shipment

Partnering with you to grow your business, optimize your operational efficiency, and help improve your patient outcomes

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At AmerisourceBergen, we are aligned with your business and patient care goals. We want to support you in the long-term, by identifying partnership opportunities for business growth and improved patient care. Most importantly, we recognize that there is a patient who needs immediate care, and that patient always comes first. 
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Advocating for you

We believe in the power of long-term care pharmacies to make positive impacts on the lives of patients and to strengthen their communities. To make sure your voice is heard, we have a dedicated government affairs team in Washington, D.C., working for your interests every day.

What we’re fighting for:

US capitol color

Advocacy toolkit 

Building effective relationships with your elected officials

Tips to get started in advocacy

What to do and what not to do in advocacy

Pharmacist stocking bottles

Generics purchasing that goes the distance

Pharmacist stocking bottles
AmerisourceBergen rewards your pharmacy for your continuous commitment to patient care. With economically competitive drug choices, secure, daily delivery and performance-based rebates, this solution is designed to save you money and time.
Pharmacist stocking bottles
A pharmacist purchases pharmaceuticals using ABC Order

Increasing efficiency with ABC Order

A pharmacist purchases pharmaceuticals using ABC Order
In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, it’s more important than ever for healthcare providers to streamline workflows and reduce inefficiencies. Our e-commerce platform ABC Order was designed hand-in-hand with our customers to make the ordering process quick and efficient. From robust product search to inventory management tools, ABC Order lets pharmacies spend less time on managing their businesses and more time caring for patients.
A pharmacist purchases pharmaceuticals using ABC Order

Concurrent dating program

With our Concurrent Dating Program for long-term care pharmacies, we’ve created the necessary infrastructure to help you take advantage of growth opportunities for your business.

We understand opportunities to grow your business may be unpredictable. For that reason, we've developed a solution for long-term care pharmacies that takes your financial needs into consideration.  With this program, we've created the necessary infrastructure to ensure you can quickly provide care to new patients.

In Patient Pharmacy Stock Pickup Area
Ambient induction area of our Louisville Speciality Distribution Facility

A superior distribution network

Ambient induction area of our Louisville Speciality Distribution Facility
Unmatched product access, excellent customer service and competitive pricing are just a few ways that AmerisourceBergen stands out from other distributors. Our customers value the transparency, integrity and trustworthiness that we bring to our client and customer relationships, as well as our timely responses to any issues that arise. Pharmacies also appreciate the reliability and dependability of our delivery, including next-day delivery on most products.
Ambient induction area of our Louisville Speciality Distribution Facility



Streamlined strategic support for long-term care pharmacy customers

May 2024

We’re here for you

Want to learn more about how our services and programs can help your long-term care pharmacy now or in the future? We’d love to have a conversation and see how we can best support you.
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