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Streamlined strategic support for long-term care pharmacy customers

By AmerisourceBergen

Insights recently sat down with Tishenna Aqui and Brittany Brougham, Strategic Account Specialists (SAS) at AmerisourceBergen, to find out more about their role and how they are helping their long-term care pharmacy customers achieve business goals and operational efficiencies.

Q: What types of support do you provide our strategic long-term care customers?

Tishenna Aqui: As strategic account specialists, we provide advanced support to long-term care customers by addressing operational needs, identifying inefficiencies, and collaborating with key account directors to boost business growth.

Brittany Brougham: We have optimized our customer support system by centralizing the point of contact for customers, enabling them to swiftly obtain resolutions or answers to their inquiries.

Q: What's an example of a recent customer problem you were able to solve?

Brittany Brougham: One of my accounts encountered challenges with their inventory management. To address this issue, I collaborated with the customer system support team to arrange a training session for the customer. During this session, a trainer guided their staff through our ordering platform, demonstrating how to effectively utilize the program, locate specific information, and generate reports. This initiative aimed to empower the customer's team to maintain better control over their inventory. As a result of this training, we observed a notable reduction in expired medications on the customer's shelves.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

Tishenna Aqui: We build such strong relationships with our long-term care pharmacy customers as business partners that they trust me and feel comfortable taking any proactive direction that I give them. It's really fulfilling knowing that we're helping our customers take care of their patients and we're helping these business owners. Furthermore, I find great support from my team members and leadership, whether it be through the resources and tools provided by AmerisourceBergen or our collective wealth of experience in the intricacies of long-term care pharmacies.

Brittany Brougham: As a former customer who transitioned to become one of the initial Strategic Account Specialists (SAS) dedicated to assisting long-term care pharmacy customers, the evolution in the level of support provided to these customers has been truly gratifying. The feedback we have received from customers regarding the enhanced support they now receive compared to previous experiences has been overwhelmingly positive. Establishing trust with our customers and delivering the high-quality support they need is not only fulfilling but also reinforces the value of our efforts in building strong customer relationships.

It appears that our strategic account support for long-term care pharmacies sets us apart from other wholesalers in the industry. Our approach involves conducting comprehensive strategic partnership reviews. These sessions delve deeper into understanding the customer's business operations and objectives, allowing us to tailor our support to align closely with their needs. This commitment to developing a profound understanding of each customer distinguishes our level of service and sets us apart in the industry.

Q: How have we been able help customers with strategic partnership reviews and whiteboarding sessions?

Brittany Brougham: I spoke with a customer who wants to get more involved in behavioral health. I was able to provide some pointers from our experience and show how other pharmacies in this space are benefiting from having added services to their line.  

Tishenna Aqui: I discovered that a customer expressed interest in diversifying their operations into home health services. To assist them in this expansion, we equipped them with specific tools and integrations to support their growth. We collaborated to determine the additional medications they would require over the upcoming six months so that that our buyers could procure and maintain stock at the Distribution Center (DC) to facilitate this customer's business expansion.


For more information on AmerisourceBergen’s services for long-term care pharmacies, visit our website.