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Creating healthier futures through strong government partnerships

Combining supply chain expertise and innovative thinking to solve public sector challenges  

With more than 20 years supporting federal, state, and local government partners, we are committed to leveraging our experience and expertise as a supply chain leader to meet the evolving healthcare needs of the country through a customized approach. We want to understand your challenges so that we can develop a collaborative solution designed to meet those unique needs.  

We are committed to supporting the U.S. Government’s top priorities 

Business continuity and crisis response

Because of our robust continuity planning, we have a proven track record of serving customers through natural disasters and other severe weather as well as during COVID-19 labor and transportation disruptions

Operational efficiency and continuous improvement

We are committed to utilizing advanced analytics to optimize inventory and customer service levels and sharing actionable supply chain insights throughout the channel to improve overall quality of decisions and performance

Rapid, data-driven innovation

Our deep expertise synthesizing complex internal and external data sources helps us rapidly translate insights into new solutions

Strong partnerships and collaboration 

Our strong and established manufacturer, customer, industry, and government partnerships allow us to support patient care priorities through last mile delivery

Supply chain resiliency support

We provide daily monitoring and real-time visibility into products at an item, P.O., or regional level, and our allocation and shortage remediation practices enable access and safeguard supply
Government emergency assistance 2

Public sector needs are unique. That’s why we customize our tools and solutions based on your goals.  

Government emergency assistance 2
We have developed a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions and tools that can be customized based on your needs. We can help you improve operational efficiencies so that you can spend your time focused on patient care. 

Our Government Services team offers innovative solutions that address public health priorities effectively.

  • Advocating for community care
  • Empowering emergency preparedness
  • Delivering optimal support
  • Following DSCSA regulations 


Government emergency assistance 2

Comprehensive opioid treatment and response medication solutions

We stand as your trusted partner to simplify the procurement process and promote easier access to treatments that help align to your public health goals.

Inventory management with zero privacy concerns

The medication tray solution provides RFID-enabled inventory management in a small footprint, offering a simple and flexible way to manage medication kits and trays. As the only technology solution for kit and tray management that provides pre-tagged medications, the medication tray solution enables pharmacies to work smarter by helping reduce their workload and associated costs. This easy-to-use, hand-held solution does not utilize protected health information (PHI) so it can be used on patient-facing WiFi networks, allowing for quick contracting and implementation as well as simplified ongoing support.

Maximizing value beyond distribution 

We offer an expanded portfolio of innovative, value-added offerings and services that go beyond traditional distribution, delivering exceptional value to our customers. 

Availability and access

Seamless availability and access provide the freedom to order and receive preferred items at the desired time, location, and without any hassle. 

Inventory and waste 

Efficient inventory management and limited waste result in obtaining only essential items, minimizing surplus and unnecessary resources.

Order optimization

Enhance cost efficiency to its maximum potential and refine your ordering practices for optimal results.

Revenue and reimbursement

Drive revenue growth and optimize reimbursement through innovative solutions. 

AmerisourceBergen’s commitment to military personnel spans from the battlefield to the boardroom 

Serves over
government facilities globally
Supports over
active duty service members, military retirees, and their families

Creating healthier futures through our support of diverse communities 

We are committed to providing every individual in every community with the opportunity for a healthier future.

Our supplier diversity program allows us to connect with more 1,500 small and diverse businesses 

Find out what makes us different 

Want to learn more about our unique approach, connect with our dedicated Government Services team.