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Streamlining Patient Access to Cell and Gene Therapies

By AmerisourceBergen

Current challenges and strategies for improvement

The rapid growth of the cell and gene therapy (CGT) sector is revolutionizing disease treatment, but patients
often face unique challenges in accessing these transformative therapies.  

To address this, pharma brands must provide crucial support to help patients overcome barriers. In our thought-provoking webinar, we bring together experts from Cencora and our esteemed partner, TrakCel. Together, we shed light on the obstacles patients encounter when seeking CGTs, explore how technology and patient services can empower manufacturers and clinical teams, and share invaluable insights from commercialization experiences that underscore the significance of wrap-around services for patient support. 
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Gain a deeper understanding of the vital role patient services play in successful CGT launches. Discover the importance of flexible patient support and learn about the convenience offered by delivering services through a centralized hub. 


  • Dale Hanna: Director, Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions, Cencora  
  • Chris  Came: VP, Relationship Management, TrakCel 
  • Vickie  Simpson: Senior Manager, Operations, Patient Services, Cencora 

In addition, to further enhance your knowledge, download our informative playbook “Keys to improving patient access and support services for cell and gene therapies”

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