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Improving Access and Support for Cell and Gene Therapies

By AmerisourceBergen

In 2022, the FDA approved five new cell and gene therapies (CGT)—and approvals for new therapies are only expected to rise in the years to come. But although CGTs are potentially transformative, their effectiveness is undermined by difficulties with patient access and support, high costs, and a complex pathway to treatment. 

Because these cutting-edge therapies require significant patient support, the onus is on sponsor companies, providers, and payers to coordinate care to improve patient access.

After reading this playbook, you’ll understand:

  • The patient access problems that are inherent with CGTs  
  • The benefits of data collection and integrated patient support hubs for CGTs 
  • The importance of full buy-in and adoption by nurses, providers, payers, and sponsor companies


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Improving connectivity across CGT treatment journey to enable enhanced patient and provider experience

With the launch of the CGT Integration Hub, which is platform-agnostic and powered by Cencora's innovative customer relationship management (CRM) system, we can complete platform integrations with various supply chain partners, including therapy developers and CGT software providers.
For example, Cencora recently completed a platform integration with TrakCel’s cell orchestration platform OCELLOS.