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Partnering with leading innovator TrakCel to support cell and gene therapies

Our combined offering aims to increase speed-to-therapy by increasing connectivity between providers and hub patient services.

We exist to unlock the potential of ground-breaking therapies for healthier futures

TrakCel is a leading supplier of cellular orchestration solutions for clinical trials and commercial therapies to the cell and gene therapy industry. Together, we launched an integrated technology platform designed to accelerate patient access to prescribed cell and gene therapies and deliver complete visibility to physicians and patient services teams across the treatment development and patient journey, enabling seamless care coordination and timely patient engagement.

The enhanced offering combines two platforms—OCELLOS, TrakCel’s advanced therapy orchestration platform, and Fusion, a customer relationship management and patient support ecosystem powered by AmerisourceBergen.

Whilst the initial integration, including AmerisourceBergen's advanced electronic benefit verification (eBV) system, powered by machine learning, enabled physicians to quickly determine patient coverage, after creating a patient account and entering enrollment information within a single portal; the latest features now offer physicians and case managers even greater visibility into the progression of the treatment, from cell order submission and sample collection to the manufacturing and transportation of the final product.


With the integration between OCELLOS and Fusion, we are entering a new phase in therapy ecosystem connectivity.

 “This integration will ensure that all those involved in the supply and value chains of cell and gene therapies will be able to be kept up to the minute about the progression of a therapy as well as reimbursement and benefit eligibility, allowing them to schedule treatments and appointments more effectively and sympathetically and keep patients better informed.”

 Ravi Nalliah, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, TrakCel

Jeff Buck, Vice President, Adherence and Analytics at AmerisourceBergen, and Dr. Matthew Lakelin, PhD, TrakCel’s cofounder and Vice President of Scientific Affairs and Business Development, met during the Advanced Therapies Week to discuss the impact of partnerships on advanced therapies’ connectivity and speed to market, and how the integration both companies have built together can enable acceleration of advanced therapies.

 “Through this collaboration with TrakCel, we are able to improve speed-to-therapy and simplify the care coordination process to help deliver an enhanced patient and provider experience.”

Dale Hanna, Director, Cell and Gene Therapies, AmerisourceBergen

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