Manufacturer Solutions

Expanding your reach

In today’s healthcare environment, you need a partner with the reach and scale to drive market share growth and ensure your products are in the right place at the right time to satisfy patient demand. Our best-in-class distribution network and strong relationships with community pharmacies, health systems, long-term care facilities and other classes of trade extend your reach into all sites of care.

We reach patients where they are:

  • A distribution presence in 95% of hospitals and relationships with major hospital group purchasing organizations (GPOs)
  • The largest community pharmacy distribution network, serving 34% of retail pharmacies
  • 60,000+ daily deliveries across all sites of care with 99.9% order accuracy

Featured Solutions

PRxO Generics℠ formulary

Benefit from the reach and scale of AmerisourceBergen by participating in the PRxO Generics formulary. Serving customers across independent pharmacy, long-term care and health systems classes of trade, the PRxO Generics purchasing program captures market share by providing exceptional value to healthcare providers. AmerisourceBergen actively promotes PRxO Generics products through programs and sales initiatives that maximize customer profit and simplify operations, allowing providers to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.  

Unit dose packaging

American Health Packaging (AHP) is the industry-leading supplier of unit dose oral solids. With a portfolio of nearly 550 unit dose products across all major therapeutic classes, AHP provides bar-coded, stability-tested products to health systems, long-term care providers and alternate sites of care. AHP unit dose products improve dispensing safety in the institutional setting for patients and providers, while AHP’s market-leading position helps our manufacturer partners increase their market share.

Transform big data into actionable business insights with CERTIO®

The improved CERTIO® offers an easier-to-use platform with enhanced analytics to better support manufacturers’ business with AmerisourceBergen. Users will have access to a redesigned overview that highlights sales, inventory, and service level as well as more detailed, exception-based dashboards that identify key opportunities to improve overall supply chain health. The soon-to-launch Tableau-based dashboards provide greater insight into the AmerisourceBergen distribution network and support proactive communication across organizations. Manufacturers can now address key questions such as: How many of our products have omits or do not have enough inventory to meet demand? Which distribution centers need more inventory or potentially have overstock? What were our total unit sales for a given period, and how did those sales change over time? Which of our products had forecast changes, and why? The enhanced CERTIO now offers all of this along with the same timely, reliable data so that manufacturers can quickly respond to changing business conditions.

Grow market share through targeted promotions

Connect with the customers who influence your product’s performance most. Our CustomConnect℠ marketing program seamlessly integrates your product message into customers' workflows so your communication stands out and gets recognized. Whether you’re looking to raise awareness for a new product at launch, or initiate promotion to address a new competitive entrant, CustomConnect reaches AmerisourceBergen customers across all classes of trade.

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