December 9, 2015

Innomar Strategies Expands Patient-Centric Offerings

OAKVILLE, Ontario --  Innomar Strategies, a part of AmerisourceBergen, announced today the acquisition of Cameron Stewart LifeScience Inc. (CSL), a leading provider of brand loyalty and patient financial assistance card programs for the Canadian pharmaceutical industry. The acquisition of CSL adds an essential element to Innomar's already robust end-to-end, integrated solutions for specialty manufacturers.

As the first company to offer brand loyalty cards in Canada, CSL has helped more than 5 million patients remain on the medication brands they know. CSL is the developer of the platform and RxHelp ONE™ card, two innovative service offerings that provide access to savings on more than 40 medications for easy patient and pharmacist use. With the additional offerings from CSL, Innomar is able to deliver more efficient customer solutions to address patient challenges, such as medication access, treatment adherence and outcome monitoring.

"At Innomar Strategies, we continue to lead the way in bringing value to our patients and partners across the Canadian healthcare system. This partnership with Cameron Stewart is a natural extension of our integrated solutions and will enable us to deliver more comprehensive services to our clients, specifically within programs that use co-payment assistance, bridging to reimbursement, e-sampling and compassionate use," said Guy Payette, President of Innomar Strategies. "Together, our clients will benefit from our operational efficiencies, with advanced adherence monitoring, integrated data collection and reporting capabilities throughout the patient journey."

From strategic consulting to full-service patient support programs with integrated nursing, pharmacy and specialty distribution services, Innomar provides customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each therapeutic area and patient population. The acquisition of CSL will enable Innomar to offer brand loyalty capabilities, as well as enhanced consulting services to gain greater insight into patient adherence and persistence.

About Innomar Strategies
Innomar Strategies, part of AmerisourceBergen, is the leading service provider in the Canadian specialty biopharmaceutical market. Through their integrated model, they deliver end-to-end commercialization solutions to improve product access, increase supply chain efficiency and enhance patient care. Strategic consulting, patient support programs, clinics and nursing services, specialty pharmacy distribution and 3PL services are just a few of our key areas of specialization. We partner closely with manufacturers, healthcare providers, pharmacies and payers to ensure patients have consistent and reliable access to specialty medication. With our integrated approach and commitment to patient care, Innomar Strategies helps manufacturers optimize product performance in the Canadian healthcare environment. Visit us at

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