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How to effectively navigate promotional compliance for pharmaceutical products in US, Canada, and Europe

By AmerisourceBergen

Watch our on demand webinar with experts from Innomar Strategies and PharmaLex, both part of Cencora, to learn about the complexity of setting up a promotional campaign in Europe and North America.

In today’s pharmaceutical landscape, the challenges are greater than ever. The cost of drug development continues to climb, peak sales of drugs have experienced a substantial decline over the past decade, and the window of exclusivity before competitors enter the market has significantly shortened. The successful launch of a product has become paramount, as it sets the tone for long-term success, but it still represents a significant expense for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. In this context, the importance of targeted, cost-effective marketing and outreach campaigns cannot be overstated. However, promotional activities are strongly regulated to prevent inaccurate, misleading, or unethical promotion of medicine.

Over the course of an hour, our panel of speakers will delve into the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate these challenges successfully, and answer your questions live to help you optimize your pharmaceutical product launches.

Key webinar learnings:

  • Explore the critical role of promotional campaigns in the success of pharmaceutical product launches
  • Dive into practical strategies and regulatory considerations for managing promotional compliance in two key markets
  • Discover the benefits and best practices of partnering with third-party experts to ensure compliance and effectiveness in your promotional efforts

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