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Achieving quality assurance excellence for a client

By AmerisourceBergen

Business Highlight

The challenge

A global biotechnology company approached Innomar with a request to become their quality unit for Canadian importation. They expressed dissatisfaction with their current contracted quality consultants.

The approach

Innomar was awarded the contract as the Importer Quality Unit and subsequently demonstrated expertise:

  • Redesigned and optimized the client’s quality system: Leveraged QA expertise based on years of experience and more than 50 regulatory inspections
  • Re-evaluated MRA status to gain efficiencies and cost savings: Challenged the non-MRA status of imported drugs to eliminate unnecessary testing to improve efficiencies and cost  effectiveness without compromising regulatory compliance
  • Collaboration: Initiated regular monthly meetings with the client to foster ongoing communication, enhance awareness, and facilitate strategic planning

The outcome

  • Our approach resulted in Innomar becoming one of the client’s top performing partners and were awarded the client’s highest performance rating
  • Successful 2023 Health Canada inspection; the inspector acknowledged significant improvement, greater knowledge base, and experience over the previous QA consultants
  • The transition to MRA status enabled drug products to be released to the market 80% faster with a significant annual savings 
  • Nurtured relationship with client enhances confidence with Innomar to continue to be a preferred vendor not only for quality but for all Innomar integrated services

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