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Global inclusion

At AmerisourceBergen, our culture is shaped one team member a time. It’s not something handed down from our top executives, nor can it be checked off the to-do list of an individual contributor. It’s what we build together, day after day, by encouraging one another to contribute ideas freely and accepting the perspectives of others with respect and curious excitement.

Together, we define inclusion as fostering a culture that gives everyone a voice. That means we embrace open dialogue and collaboration as part of our culture, which empowers everyone to share their unique perspectives and feel valued, respected, and supported for it.



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"Inclusion means that my voice is important and should be heard, while also respecting and recognizing the voices of others, who may be saying different things."

Tim Rocca
Director, Operations

"To me, inclusion represents an opportunity to listen and learn. Inclusion is giving everyone an open forum to talk about their experiences and perspectives freely without fear of judgement. Inclusion is a safe place and a no judgement zone."

Nick DeCinque
Senior Manager, Finance

"Inclusion is to embrace all people, giving equal access and opportunities to everyone. When we feel included, we are better able to contribute to the group, being comfortable and confident to be ourselves. Diversity and inclusion are key ingredients to innovation and business growth."

Alfredo Ponsoni
Business Development Manager

"Inclusion means accepting and respecting people as they are, while fostering an environment where everybody can feel safe to freely participate and contribute."

Nicole Couriel
Senior Director, Global HR

"Inclusion to me means that everyone can not only have a voice, but also be heard, be considered, and feel that they have contributed. Welcoming and leveraging everyone’s ideas and abilities to the greatest extent possible will only make your team stronger."

Amélie Basque-Chapman
Director, Learning & Performance

"Inclusion means every voice matters. It means care, love, and togetherness in the workplace. We treat everyone equally, with respect, and build a diverse team with great learning opportunities."

Sharon Seet
Regional HR Director, APAC

"A statement that always resonated for me is, 'Diversity is having a seat at the table. Inclusion means having a voice, being heard, and being intentional so that everyone participates and is being heard.'"

Payal Jain
VP, Customer Operations IT

"Inclusion is where everyone counts, belongs, and can contribute within a group without fear, equally, and with an open mind. It’s about having different views, being creative, and sharing thoughts. The most important part for me is listening and learning from others."

Katherine Ashington Tiffoche
Regional HR Director

"Inclusion is diversity without prejudice. It’s an organizational environment based on genuine principles, an environment that allows everyone to pursue their personal mission providing trust and guidance. It enables those who have the will to do so develop their abilities and potential."

Neider Fauricio Aros Ruiz
Financial Analyst, United States

"Inclusion for me is feeling comfortable being myself at work."

Hema Patel
Head of Talent & Capability

"You feel safe when you come to work, knowing that everyone respects you just the way you are."

Korhan (Kotti) Yalcinyuva

"To me, inclusion means being respectful and welcoming to everybody regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or political view."

Mauricio Palao
Country Manager

"Integrating everybody into work or society regardless of their sex, position, race, ethnicity, or condition."

Juan José Giraldo
Sub Regional Director, North LATAM

"For me, inclusion ensures that everyone is accepted, regardless of their cultures, beliefs, abilities, etc."

Irma Barrenechea
Country Manager

"To well receive one person without looking to gender, color, or any other characteristic. It is like everyone being blind and open minded."

Caio Teixeira
Continuous Improvement Manager, LATAM

"For me, inclusion is making sure everyone feels welcome, everyone knows what they contribute is valued, and everyone is part of the team."

Michelle Ursuy
Customer Integration Specialist

"Inclusion is the ability to generate an environment where people feel free to be themselves, feeling comfortable and valued for it."

André Brantegani Neto
Sub Regional Director, LATAM

"To me, inclusion is making sure everyone’s voice is heard."

Rose Zu
Director, Investor Relations

"To me, inclusion means connection. When we truly connect with another individual, inclusion happens naturally. What’s the most natural way to connect with someone? By relating to a shared identity. I happen to identify with the LGBTQ+ community. But I’m also a daughter, and a sister, and a wife. I’m a mom to my dogs and cats and fish. I’m a caregiver to my elderly parents. I’m an introvert. I’m a Scorpio. I’m a vegetarian, a football fan, a beer drinker. I’m neurodivergent. I have an invisible disability. I’m at the tail end of the Boomers or the beginning of Gen X, depending on how you slice it. There is so much more to me than simply the 'L' in LGBTQ. And while we may be different in some ways, I am certain that we have things in common. I want to be included not because of my sexual orientation but regardless of it. I am your coworker who happens to be gay, and I am so much more. If we avoid the mistake of excluding one another based on our differences, we can embrace our similarities and achieve inclusion."

Laurie Kozbelt (LK)
Director of Quality, Global Consulting

"Think back to when you got a gift or bought a new device, like a boombox or an electronic toy. Remember how frustrating it was when you read the disclaimer on the packaging: Batteries not included. Essentially, it meant that the device will not work as intended. While a seemingly marginal or minor part of the overall device, batteries are, in fact, the essential component that propels and powers. And just like batteries, people come in in all shapes, sizes, colors, capacities, abilities, strengths, and purposes. As a company, we cannot have a “batteries not included” mindset. We cannot exclude. To be a successful, dynamic organization, we must embrace and include all different kinds of people. Quite simply, inclusion means to me that we must include all the essential components that propel and power our business forward. Inclusion is what makes our company not only work better, but as intended."

Tim Swadley
Global Senior Manager, Learning & Development

"For me, inclusion is seeing Latinos occupying regional or vice president positions within the company that I am part of. It is knowing that the decisions they make to promote a position are based on the skills and talent of this person and not just because they are located in the country where the regional office is located or close to it. Inclusion is working with people from other parts of the world with different languages, cultures, religions, traditions, etc., and the environment is friendly and full of respect, where you feel free to express ideas to contribute to the improvement of processes and to the growth of the company. Speaking freely and respectfully is inclusion! Inclusion is being able to travel to other offices and be received by very kind people who make you feel like you are part of a family."

Lizett Tapia
Quality Manager, Local Lead

"Inclusion means: 1) Being open to learning how someone else experiences their environment, life, and interactions; 2) That each individual is just that — an individual; 3) Doing our best to understand each other by exploring our similarities and our differences; 4) Being accountable for your thoughts and actions; 5) Being conscious about having an open heart, mind, and arms; 6) Never assuming why someone acts a certain way, because you never know what someone else is going through."

Leslie Ochroch
Key Account Director, Long Term Care Field Sales

"Inclusion ensures that everyone feels valued and empowered to think differently and share their experiences and perspectives fearlessly, which helps with development, innovation, and engagement. Thanks to inclusion, we can make a difference in our organization and assure our team members that they can come to work, feel comfortable, and be confident in themselves."

Valentina Torres
Country Finance Manager

"To me, inclusion is essential. It is taking the time to listen and hear from all walks of life and being able to embrace experiences, views, and ideas from all regardless of race, gender, ability, or other. Then it's using that to build a more equitable world in which we can help all be successful."

Vicki Wilder-Conrad-Banks
Senior HR Business Partner

"Inclusion is being part of the conversation as it becomes relevant or applicable. It's seeing my country flag when it's relevant to a group or in a world competition. It's seeing my company name in a list of sponsors or activists making a positive impact in my community. It's hearing my business unit as a relevant contribution to the company."

Victor Cuesta
Territory Manager, Miami

"For me, inclusion means everyone gets a seat at the table and feels valued for who they are and how they contribute. It means that diverse backgrounds and perspectives are considered to make the organization stronger and drive impactful outcomes. Inclusion also means celebrating each other, observing what makes us the same and also what makes us different. Inclusion is what makes connectivity possible."

Roxanne Labrie
HR Business Partner

"To me, inclusion is about fully being a part of something. When you are included, you are no longer watching or observing from the sideline. It’s a feeling of welcome and acceptance to participate, contribute, and share without self-doubt. The power of inclusion, or lack of inclusion, can make or break our confidence, our psyche, our value, and our self-worth. When you feel included, you know that what you bring — no matter how brilliant, big, small, or subtle — matters."

Lauren Romero
VP, Brand Strategy

Measuring the impact of inclusion

Although inclusion is unique to each person who experiences it, tracking it comprehensively and reporting it transparently are crucial to gauging and shaping our inclusive culture, so we integrated a Global Inclusion Index into our annual employee experience survey. This gives all our purpose-driven team members an outlet to express their opinions on where we’re doing well and where we can do more to advance our global culture of inclusion. Initial findings from the Global Inclusion Index revealed that we have a highly inclusive culture, and we’re looking forward to sharing the results in our next annual DEI Report.

Moving forward

We’ve already begun communicating these results with our team members and using this as an opportunity to create moments for open and honest conversation, especially around potential areas of improvement identified by the Index. We’re also applying survey insights to support plans and programs that will directly strengthen our inclusive culture, such as the implementation of learning modules, guides, and trainings to be launched in the near future. This directly aligns with our overall DEI strategy in conjunction with our diversity initiatives focused on investing in our team members and our equity initiatives focused on enhancing equitable access to global healthcare services.

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Fostering a culture that gives everyone a voice

A map that illustrates who attended the 2022 Global Inclusion Celebration

Celebrating global inclusion

A map that illustrates who attended the 2022 Global Inclusion Celebration

In November 2022, our executives, employee resource group chairs, and global team members came together to recognize inclusive leadership and discuss how we will continue to build our inclusive culture. People from all over the world tuned in to the event to hear engaging conversation about how inclusion is woven into our purpose, our business, and our brand, leaving everyone with a deeper understanding of how important it is for everyone to make the work of inclusion their personal responsibility.

Thousands of our diverse team members attended this special event from USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, UK, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Austria, France, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, India, and Pakistan.

A map that illustrates who attended the 2022 Global Inclusion Celebration

See how our culture is constantly evolving

The more we make sure our team members feel valued, respected, and supported for what they bring to the workplace, the more authentic and effective we can be as we work together to achieve our common goals. This is what inspires us and drives us forward, and we welcome you to join us on our DEI journey.
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