Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As a purpose-driven, pharmaceutical-centered company focused on fueling growth through innovation,
diversity and inclusion is personal to us.

We are committed to fostering a global workplace that values all cultural, experiential and philosophical differences; creates pathways for every team member to thrive; makes a positive impact on our communities through equitable access to healthcare; and is transparent and accountable for progress.

Read more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our 2020 Global Sustainability Report.

Global Diversity & Inclusion Council

The AmerisourceBergen Global Diversity & Inclusion Council (GDIC) represents the central leadership and driving force accelerating business results through the global diversity & inclusion strategy.

Chaired by Bob Mauch, EVP & Group President, the council provides strategic direction, best practice sharing, and accountability to advance the company’s mission. It accomplishes this by creating a globally diverse workforce, fostering a strong culture of inclusion, driving competitive value throughout the business value chain, and building collaborative partnerships with key influencers in the community.
"We invest in the development of our people – creating the next generation of leaders – through learning and development, employee resource groups, and talent management strategies. By unleashing the power of our globally diverse workforce in an inclusive and welcoming environment, we create belonging and establish a solid platform for long term growth that ultimately benefits our customers and patients around the world.”

Gina Clark
Executive Vice President and Chief Communications & Administration Officer

Employee resource groups

Our employee resource groups align around shared backgrounds and experiences to provide business, educational, and cultural insights to advance business objectives. With more than 2,000 members worldwide, our ERGs support talent management, enhance workforce engagement, support community responsibility, and provide career development opportunities for team members. Our current employee resource groups include:


Our ABility group is focused on creating awareness and elevating the voices of our team members with disabilities, while serving as a resource for all individuals and their families with visible and invisible disabilities. The group strives to educate team members on the importance of full inclusion of those with disabilities across our workforce to improve team collaboration, drive innovation and revenue, and better reflect our customers and the patients they serve.


Our Asian & Pacific Islanders Reaching for Excellence (ASPIRE) group is focused on enhancing and celebrating the voices of our Asian and Pacific Islander team members, while raising awareness for these diverse cultures. ASPIRE has established a community to connect, promote and support career development of Asian and Pacific Islander team members, including collaborations with external partners to provide engaging programs and helping drive awareness.


Black Organization for Networking & Development (BOND), an evolution of our Black Leadership Council, drives efforts to enhance the associate experience for our Black associates and their allies. This group focuses on opportunities to strengthen our workforce and the communities where we live and work.

Emerging Professionals

The Emerging Professionals group was established to promote professional development and career advancement for all associates, with a special focus on attracting and developing generational talent. Emerging Professionals enhances the associate experience with opportunities for training, networking, and personal development–offering a unified forum for access to shared opportunities within the organization.


LGBTAllies is a network of colleagues and resources to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) associates. The group promotes initiatives that align with our vision of maintaining an inclusive and welcoming workplace.


The Unidos group is focused on fostering empowerment and growth of our associates through awareness and education of our Hispanic and Latino communities and associates across the globe. Unidos’s mission is to engage, connect, develop, and promote Hispanic and Latino professionals, as well as to develop business models and talent that will positively impact our associates and communities.

Veterans in Action

Veterans in Action supports our efforts to network and connect veterans across the company. We partner with military placement organizations to assist service members with transitioning into full-time jobs across our network of businesses.

Women's Impact Network

Our Women's Leadership Initiative first launched in November 2014. Now known as WIN (Women's Impact Network), the group is composed of an internal Senior Council of Women Leaders and maintains a focus on career development for women at all levels.

Committed to supplier diversity and economic inclusion

AmerisourceBergen is committed to promoting the success of small-, minority-, women-, disabled- and veteran-owned businesses. We support policies, procedures and programs designed to increase the inclusion of diverse suppliers across our sourcing process.

Our commitment to supplier diversity is led from the top and is integrated across our businesses. We proactively seek diverse suppliers while simultaneously ensuring that we receive the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices. Leadership across our enterprise actively participates in procurement events, related business councils and conferences.

CEO Statement on Supplier Diversity

AmerisourceBergen is committed to developing and procuring products and services from minority, women, veteran, LGBTQ and disabled owned businesses as they are the foundation of a competitive economy and a source of business innovations that make AmerisourceBergen a leader in healthcare distribution and related services. We do this by promoting viable opportunities for diverse businesses within our local communities. This important work is guided by our purpose of being united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.

- Steve Collis, Chairman, President and CEO

Pursue an amazing career here

We recruit, retain, and develop top emerging and experienced leaders across all dimensions of diversity to achieve our mission. Our team members are encouraged to be their authentic, confident selves while celebrating our global community.