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January 17 – 20, 2023

Advanced Therapies Week

We were excited to meet with you at one of the most attended and immersive events for the Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) sector.

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Market access resources

CGT webinar

Webinar: Evaluate innovative reimbursement models for CGTs 

Innovative contracts are changing the landscape of CGT pricing and reimbursement. Watch our panel discussion with Bayer, Novartis Gene Therapies and Point 32 Health to learn about value-based agreements and outcomes-based models. 
Key features of OBAs

What are the key features of successful value-based agreements for CGTs? 

Senior VP, Market Economics, David Senior, was joined by fellow industry experts to explore new innovative payment strategies for cell and gene therapies. We summarized the highlights of their discussion.

Changing the OBA landscape

Alternate payer engagement models are changing the landscape

AmerisourceBergen has created a new concept around offering Outcomes-based agreements to both operationalize the contract as well as enable payers/employer groups to pay for clinical outcomes achieved.

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Supply chain and logistics resources

Cryogenic CGT logistics

Cold hard facts about cryogenic CGT logistics 

World Courier study confirms developers seeking logistical certainty and cold chain integrity from providers with advanced cryogenic capabilities.

Read the white paper to discover how to mitigate risks and build robust logistics platforms that support the clinical development of innovative therapies.

Preserving cell and gene integrity in the supply chain

Preserving cell and gene integrity in the supply chain

The development of CGTs is growing at an incredible pace, making it critical to implement processes for frozen and cryogenic storage and distribution. Watch Senior Manager, Personalized Supply Chain, Jennifer Fenwick, explain the pros and cons of fresh and frozen processes and the critical factors to consider.
The evolving digitalization of supply chains

TrakCel briefing: The evolving digitalization of supply chains

VP, Cell and Gene Therapy, Lung-I Cheng, was invited to join TrakCel’s briefing to discuss enabling treatment and commercial outcomes for advanced therapies and how orchestration processes will help make speed to therapy attainable.

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Packaging solutions product sheets

Global Thermal Container

Global Thermal Container

Passive multi-use system designed to offer consistent standards.
Global Dry Ice Container

Global Dry Ice Container

Robust and configurable solution for shipping at deep frozen temperatures.

Evo DV10 LN2 Smart Shipper

Simplifies the transport of critical biologic shipments and advanced therapies requiring cryogenic temperatures.
VIA capsule

Via Capsule

The most advanced cryo shipper to maintain cryogenic temperatures without LN2.

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Integrated cell and gene therapy solutions

Integrated cell and gene therapy solutions for healthier futures

AmerisourceBergen provides integrated solutions that deliver the right resources at the right time to position your therapies for success.

Clinical to commercialization expertise

Our collection of integrated solutions serve to strategically guide, deliver and support your therapy in market.

Convener within the healthcare ecosystem

Deep connections to providers, payers and patients – no one understand core stakeholders better.

360-degree orchestration and realization

We have proven expertise to securely and compliantly shepherd your therapy through the complex patient journey.

One partner – integrated solutions, global experience

Manufacturer commercialization Services