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Post launch phase

Biopharmaceutical post-launch commercialization

Post-launch needs

Once your product is launched, it is critical to have a plan to raise awareness among providers. The same partner that helps you optimize your patient assistance program should also be responsible for educating providers about that program and helping them address any reimbursement issues that may arise.

AmerisourceBergen offers both patient support services and field reimbursement and access services  that facilitate communication, collaboration, and even data sharing between teams, making it possible to refine the patient assistance program and overall access strategy continually.

Once a therapy is launched, the work isn't done

When to start planning: up to 12 months prior to launch

It's crucial to track medication adherence and intervene to connect patients struggling with adherence to the necessary support from nurse educators and social workers based on the type of barrier(s) they're facing. Ongoing data analytics make it possible to identify early issues and refine the patient access strategy. You’ll want to work with a partner with the reach and expertise to get your therapy to the right patients on time.

AmerisourceBergen’s continual commitment to global distribution excellence and channel strategy expertise, coupled with our reach into specialty provider networks and health systems, means your therapy goes anywhere and everywhere your patients present for care.

What integration really means

The right commercialization partner is more than an aggregator of disparate services. At AmerisourceBergen, true partnership is rooted in seeking solutions for today's healthcare challenges and making investments where gaps exist so you can maximize your drug commercialization investments.

Let’s work together to envision new paths to healthier futures around the world.

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