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Market research and advisor networks

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Market research

Our comprehensive market research helps you quickly and efficiently gather information about target markets and customers. We offer full-service qualitative and quantitative research that provides key healthcare stakeholder insights to guide the development of product strategy and tactics. Let us uncover the insights you need and provide intelligence to transform those findings into actionable plans.

Access key opinion leaders around the world

Conduct research with our prestigious advisor networks and tap into insights from healthcare's most respected authorities and decision makers. Whether you need to gather payer insights, capture provider and practice behaviors, or acquire specific knowledge of submission processes around the world, engage with our industry experts for critical guidance that drives product success.
Market access professionals

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Managed Care Network

Market access professionals
Gain guidance from the front lines of healthcare with Xcenda's Managed Care Network, an on-demand market research panel comprised of healthcare executives, medical and pharmacy directors, and formulary decision makers. Inform your go-to-market strategies with insights from more than 160 advisors from key payer segments—both public and private—representing approximately 275 million covered lives.  
Market access professionals
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Payer market insights

MCN Forum

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Our exclusive, bi-annual event is for pharmaceutical manufacturers focused on market access, commercial development, HEOR, and clinical/medical affairs and brings together a broad mix of national and regional payers/formulary decision-makers from Xcenda’s proprietary Managed Care Network. When you have strategic questions, feedback from payers can be key to inform your market access, clinical, and HEOR plans.

To learn more on how to schedule your time with this insightful group, download our brochure or contact an expert below. Also ask about our additional payer research methodologies.

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Introducing PayerPulse Express

In the fast-paced landscape of biopharma, PayerPulse Express offers swift, indispensable market insights, delivering a competitive edge and showcasing product value in ways that will resonate with healthcare decision-makers. Within 24-48 hours, you can access critical data to prevent costly errors and guide strategic decisions. Take advantage of tailored, data-driven insights to enhance your product's lifecycle and uncover payer perspectives on your most critical issues. Reach out to us today for well-informed choices with PayerPulse Express.
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Ask local experts from markets worldwide

Global Market Access Network

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Understand the nuances of key international markets through Xcenda's Global Market Access Network. This proprietary panel of advisors is composed of healthcare and payer experts who have the experience, insight, and relationships to help with formal documentation, evidentiary demands, and all aspects of the complex submission processes in more than 22 countries around the world. 
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We’re value drivers and problem solvers. Let us connect you with experts who understand your world and what success demands.
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