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Advisor Networks

Global Market Access Network

Extend your global reach through local market experts 

Leverage the local market knowledge and real-world perspectives critical to successful market access around the globe. Representing more than 22 countries, our network of healthcare and payer experts
have the experience, insights, and relationships in key local markets to help with formal documentation, evidentiary demands, and all aspects of complex submission processes.

Our advisors are:

  • Prior employees of government Health Technology Assessment (HTA) agencies and current advisors to HTAs and payers
  • Current members of private health plan Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) committees
  • Academics who are involved in product appraisals
  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who are well-published in health economics research within their respective country
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HTA guidance delivered right to your inbox

From at-a-glance updates on important HTA decisions to reviews that shine a spotlight on what those decisions mean for specific therapeutic areas, each edition of HTA Quarterly provides insight into the evolving perspectives and priorities for HTAs. Gain perspectives on key updates, reforms, and processes in emerging and established markets spanning five continents.
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Case Study

Removing access hurdles in Europe

Map of Europe
The European market represents significant opportunity, yet the barriers to entry can be high. One manufacturer voiced concerns over the complexities of local market access requirements, pricing, and reimbursement that their brand faced entering the European market. 

Through a mix of comprehensive secondary research, qualitative insights from credible advisors, and analyses from Xcenda’s global market access consultants, this company gained a clear vision on how to articulate its orphan product’s value proposition. 
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Develop an effective global strategy

Access a deep bench of experienced HTA advisors who understand the multitude of factors influencing reimbursement, coverage, price decisions and trial designs that result in effective submissions. Gain essential guidance through methods that accommodate the most demanding timelines – from web surveys to in-depth interviews and focus groups – to inform your optimized strategy.

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Are you a local market expert interested in advancing the future of healthcare?

Get in touch with us to learn more about participating in our key advisor networks.
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