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HTA Quarterly | Winter 2022

By AmerisourceBergen

In this issue, our editors examine how the new Innovative Medicines Fund offers a faster route to market for promising non-cancer drugs in the UK, learnings from the first 5 years with the Danish Medicines Council, and implications of the US’s new drug pricing law.

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HTA Quarterly | Winter 2022

How to get earlier market access in the UK: Use the Innovative Medicines Fund

The UK Innovative Medicines Fund (IMF) allows earlier market access than conventional pathways for non-cancer drugs, but what is meant by innovative, how does it work, and where does it apply?
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HTA Quarterly | Winter 2022

Has mandatory HTA improved access to new medicine in Denmark?

Learnings from the first 5 years with the Danish Medicines Council

Establishment of the Danish Medicines Council (DMC) in 2017 was intended to ensure transparent assessment of hospital medicines and rapid, consistent access to effective medicines across Denmark, while balancing healthcare costs against demand. Five years later, we consider what impact the DMC has had on market access and implications for drug developers.

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HTA Quarterly | Winter 2022

I-R-A or Eye-Ra - however you frame it, the new US drug pricing law is sure to have a significant impact on the global pharmaceutical market 

Years of scrutiny of the pharmaceutical market in the US have resulted in significant drug pricing reforms. The reforms are part of the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), enacted into law in August 2022.1 The wide-ranging IRA materially changes drug-pricing policy in the US, affecting stakeholders across the pharmaceutical supply chain. In this article, we clarify the key provisions of the IRA and offer ideas for how biopharma companies can achieve their goals in light of the new policies. 

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The joint consortium for the European Network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA) 21 includes agencies in 12 countries: Austria (AIHTA), Belgium (KCE), France (HAS), Germany (GBA and IQWIG), Netherlands (ZIN), Italy (AIFA), Hungary (NIPN), Ireland (NCPE), Norway (NOMA), Portugal (INFARMED), Spain (AEMPS), and Sweden (TLV)

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“When CADTH launched our strategic plan in April 2022, we committed to accelerating our work with global partners to advance the science of HTA.”
– Suzanne McGurn, President and CEO, CADTH