Elevating the Patient Experience

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Amplifying the pharmacy's role in patient-centered care

At AmerisourceBergen, our solutions—including specialty and ambulatory pharmacy—help ensure that health systems extend care to patients where and when they need it most. Our distribution services create access to tens of thousands of therapies, while our patient assistance services help the pharmacy operate more efficiently while navigating the complex reimbursement and affordability challenges patients often face. For patients returning home, our transitional care consulting offerings improve coordination and continuity of a patient’s care to ensure better outcomes and reduce 30-day readmissions. Our experts understand your goals and tailor the right solutions to elevate your pharmacy’s role in patient care.

Navigating reimbursement and affordability challenges

For patients with complex medical conditions that require specialty drugs, the latest cutting-edge therapies can carry large cost shares that make it difficult to access and remain on therapy. And underinsured patients can put financial strain on the health systems that treat them. While patient assistance programs help hospitals recover uncompensated dollars, for providers without the available personnel, resources and time to navigate the administrative complexities, the challenge to meet the requirements of many programs can be overwhelming. As a result, thousands—even millions—of eligible dollars go unrecovered. With more than 20 years of experience with patient assistance programs for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, PHS has helped more 140 health systems of all sizes in 32 states save over $37 million annually in product costs. 
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Preventing readmissions

Readmissions are costly for health systems. Our Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions include implementing discharge prescription concierge services as well as analytical forecasting to result in better patient adherence and fewer readmissions, supporting your patients from inpatient to outpatient to back home. 
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The high cost of patient readmissions:
highest penalty for a hospital
hospitals penalized for readmissions in fy2016
1 out of 5
medicare patients readmitted after 30 days
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AmerisourceBergen's PHS specialists directly contributed to dramatic improvements in our readmission rate and clinical outcomes, as well as increases in scripts and revenue.

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Easy, efficient drug inventory management that leaves more time for patient care

Cubixx® inventory management solutions let you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on delivering exceptional patient care. We offer a variety of automated features that ensure you always have the products your patients need, regardless of volume. Our temperature-controlled units ensure that all inventory is safely stored in optimal conditions, helping to improve patient outcomes. And our in-home solution, myCubixx®, improves speed to therapy and adherence by providing life-saving medications right at patients' fingertips. 
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