Operational and Financial Performance

Reshaping how oncology
care is delivered 

We're proud to offer Prime Therapeutics' IntegratedRx™ - Oncology to qualified Medically Integrated Dispensing (MID) practices and health system specialty pharmacies through AmerisourceBergen's pharmacy services administrative organizations (PSAOs)

Prime Therapeutics' IntegratedRx™ - Oncology

The challenges associated with managing complex specialty patients are only exacerbated by the added pressure of navigating specialty pharmacy networks and ensuring patients receive and stay adherent to their medications. Prime Therapeutics is ready to change that narrative. Developed to help drive financial and quality outcomes for select Blue Plans and members, IntegratedRx™ is a first-of-its-kind clinically integrated program that allows patients to receive their oncolytic and companion medications in the clinical setting directly from their community oncologist or affiliated hospital pharmacy – enabling providers to manage their patients in a holistic way. 

Helping streamline the treatment pathway 

By integrating care in the clinical setting, Prime's IntegratedRx™- Oncology empowers providers to remove barriers that can complicate the treatment pathway. Patients are able to receive their medication directly from their community oncologist or affiliated hospital pharmacy, helping lead to faster therapy start times and significantly better adherence. 

Doctor counsels patient in office

Promoting improved therapy management and reduced interruptions in care

Doctor counsels patient in office

Improved therapy management starts with understanding the patient holistically by leveraging the history stored in their electronic medical record (EMR). Prime's IntegratedRx™ - Oncology program empowers providers with EMR access to keep their patients within their ecosystems and closest to their care teams. These synergistic relationships can help anticipate side effects, improve adherence, reduce potential adverse events, and get them on the right therapy faster.

Doctor counsels patient in office

Supporting an enhanced patient experience 

Improving the patient experience starts with simplifying the process and removing barriers to securing quality care. Prime's IntegratedRx™ - Oncology empowers patients and providers to work collaboratively without fragmentation, while providing the convenience of integrated clinic-to-pharmacy care.

Participation requirements for
AmerisourceBergen customers 

In addition to data sharing capabilities that allow for demonstration of improved patient care, providers must meet certain requirements as outlined below. For more information, connect with an AmerisourceBergen representative.

Medically Integrated Dispensing
(MID) practices 

  • Enrollment in Elevate Provider Network and participation in the Specialty Oncology Network (SON) powered by ION Solutions
  • Have or seek within one year's time, accreditation from one of three recognized accrediting bodies, ACHC, URAC or NCODA
  • Additional requirements may apply

Health system specialty

  • Enrollment in Accelerate Specialty Network 
  • Have or seek within one year's time, accreditation from one of three recognized accrediting bodies, ACHC, URAC or The Joint Commission
  • Additional requirements may apply

“AmerisourceBergen has been an unwavering supporter of patient choice and flexibility and making cancer treatment accessible at the community level. By participating in this program, our customers have the opportunity to showcase the value of a truly integrated oncology delivery model. This new model will create expanded commercial access to oral oncolytics, enhanced clinical oversight of cancer patients, and will lead to increased administrative efficiencies for providers. We are excited to see how this program shapes the next chapter of cancer care in the U.S.”

Lisa Harrison, RPh
President of Specialty Distribution, AmerisourceBergen

“Prime’s IntegratedRx™ - Oncology program changes the game by enabling  providers to dispense patients’ oncology and companion medications in the setting of their choice, promoting improved therapy management and the patient experience."

Matt Wolf, RPh
SVP of Provider Solutions, AmerisourceBergen

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Prime’s IntegratedRx™ model provides Medically Integrated Dispensing practices with an opportunity to demonstrate the value of a truly integrated oncology care model, potentially leading to more positive outcomes for patients and contributing to the sustainability of community oncology.

Learn how Prime’s IntegratedRx™ program – available through Elevate Provider Network – can reshape medication delivery for your complex specialty patients and bring significant potential economic value to your practice.


Prime Therapeutics' IntegratedRx™ - Oncology program is available to qualified health system specialty pharmacies through Accelerate Specialty Network, the Nation's first specialty-focused pharmacy services administrative organization (PSAO). 

Accelerate Specialty Network is a specialty-focused PSAO dedicated to enhancing managed care access for a unique network of accredited health system specialty pharmacies, medically integrated dispensing practices, and strategic community-based specialty pharmacies.