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Accelerate Specialty Network

The first and largest specialty PSAO in the market


accredited specialty pharmacies in the network 


of pharmacies have EMR access - clinically integrated model 


physicians/providers connected/affiliated to the participating pharmacy locations/IDNs

More than


affiliated hospital/clinic locations tied to these IDNs

Accelerate Specialty Network truly focuses on collaboration

Customizable solutions for payers to fit their current strategy 

We partner with payers to reimagine the future of care delivery and managed care models. Together, we break down barriers to care, help enable streamlined treatment pathways, and make meaningful strides toward reducing the total cost care for all stakeholders.

Supporting a unique network of clinically-integrated and strategic independent specialty pharmacies 


Health systems and IDNs

Industry leading health systems and IDNs with comprehensive specialty pharmacy capabilities


Medically Integrated Dispensing (MID) practices

Large specialty physician practices with in-office dispensing capabilities


Strategic independent specialty pharmacies 

Patient-centric specialty pharmacies with no payer or extra organizational ownership 

The most expansive pharmacy network in a specialty PSAO

Accelerate Specialty Network pharmacies have multi-state licensure that provides overlapping dispensing coverage in nearly every U.S. state and territory. 

Accessible prescriptions, no matter where the patient lives


Accelerate Specialty Network encompasses leading clinically integrated, and accredited specialty pharmacies from across the country. 


A comprehensive and growing footprint of clinically integrated sites of care

Accelerate Specialty Network is the only specialty PSAO that:

  • Has an established network of specialty pharmacies, with comprehensive coverage and access to LDDs
  • Has a robust pipeline of new specialty pharmacies that will expand access to patients across the country
  • Actively participates in specialty contracts with national health plans and PBMs, and understands the requirements and nuances for contracting
  • Is focused on partnerships and how we can collectively, not competitively, move health forward
  • Has robust data capabilities that promote transparency into business operations
  • Is backed by an organization focused on innovation and continued investment in infrastructure and transformative healthcare solutions 
  • Offers expanded touch-points for patient to access prescriptions in a way that’s most convenient

The benefits of Accelerate Specialty Network

Health system and MID practices 

  • Access to the patient’s EMR for real-time decision making
  • Integration with the patient’s care team 
  • On-site dispensing for improved speed to therapy 

Local pharmacies

  • Flexible prescription options for patients within their communities or via mail
  • Promotes in-person pharmacist relationships where monitoring can occur
  • Provides 50-state coverage in most instances

Improved health outcomes

Clinically integrated care informed by the patient’s EMR helps enable improved therapy management and clinical oversight

Reduction in total cost of care

Real-time data helps providers work agilely in managing the patient’s therapeutic journey, including reducing waste

Improved member experience 

Accessible community-based care and deep provider integration empowers patients to get on therapy faster with less interruption through an integrated care model

Increased administrative efficiency 

Our powerful tools and resources as a PSAO help reduce administrative complexities and streamline the contracting and reimbursement processes


Health System Specialty Pharmacies Decrease Total Cost of Care in Cancer Treatment, 
a Multisite Review

In this study, we discovered that IDNs and their HSSPs generated a significant impact to the total cost of cancer care:

• 38% savings on oral oncolytic prescriptions during the DoT

• 32% savings on medical care in a 6-month follow up

• 14% savings on oral oncolytic prescriptions in a 6-month follow up


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