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ThinkLive Trade 2020

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ThinkLive is AmerisourceBergen’s manufacturer summit, a yearly event that brings together manufacturer customers and associates to discuss issues that affect our industry and how we can partner together to ensure patients have access to products where and when they need them.

ThinkLive is a great opportunity to learn about the challenges and consideration that manufacturers face when bringing products to market, and how AmerisourceBergen can help overcome those challenges and optimize the business. 

This year's event took between October 27-29, 2020 on our brand new online experience platform - Up next on is ThinkLive Commercialization, coming February 2021.

COVID-19 Leadership

World Courier’s Role in COVID-19
A Global Perspective with Rafa Teixeira and Nick Porter

Road to a COVID-19 Treatment Launch

Executive Q&A: How pharma's supply chain partners are paving the way for coronavirus therapies

What will it take to bring a treatment for COVID-19 to market? What have we learned from efforts to ensure supply chain stability at the height of the coronavirus pandemic? Leaders from AmerisourceBergen's Strategic Global Sourcing team share their perspective on how we'll make sure the right pieces are in place as manufacturers seek to commercialize new therapies.

Supply Chain Resilience 

Tested by a pandemic, pharma supply chain showed resilience 

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to sweep across the U.S. this year, early fears of shortages of critical pharmaceutical supplies and life-saving drugs were quickly abated by a responsive and resilient supply chain.

Thank you to our frontline heroes. 

Health Policy

Navigating Health Policy

As manufacturers navigate new and looming health policy changes, distributors can help them adapt and thrive.

A recent wave of healthcare policy changes has created new challenges and opportunities for manufacturers. As a manufacturer navigating these tumultuous waters, you can lean on your distributor to rethink and rechart your course through the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Policy Market Trends

In uncertain times, manufacturers and government tackle disruption.

The only thing certain about 2020 has been uncertainty. Yet, despite the uncertainty, the arrival of COVID-19 galvanized the relationship between policymakers and drug manufacturers and distributors as all sides worked together to tackle shortage risks caused by massive demand surges across the health care supply chain. They also started looking toward the future.

The Future of Healthcare


Supply Chain Sophistication


Driving an intelligent supply chain with the brightest talent and a patient mindset. An intelligent supply chain requires ongoing investments in technology and infrastructure to optimize the development and delivery of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.


Virtual Launch and Awareness


Targeted Promotions

Engage with healthcare providers who influence your brand’s performance with programs that help your message stand out and get recognized. Learn more about our CustomConnect and Brand Catalog solutions and connect with our experts. 

Focus Areas

Cell and Gene Therapy

We partner with manufacturers to address the unique challenges of bringing cell and gene therapies to market. Learn more about delivering cell and gene therapies to patients. 


Our extensive access to health systems, community pharmacies, physician practices and others extends your reach and helps drive market share growth. Learn more about Certio enhancements.


We help manufacturers overcome the commercialization and distribution challenges of the emerging biosimilars market. Listen to the first episode of the AmerisourceBergen Insights podcast, where they look at the Biosimilars market. 

OTC Consumer and Healthcare Products

Through our Good Neighbor Pharmacy network, we help optimize placement and awareness of OTC pharmaceuticals and consumer products.

Brand and Specialty

We have decades of experience partnering with manufacturers to design tailored commercialization strategies that optimize uptake and performance.

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