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Advertising Effectiveness: Targeted Digital vs. Traditional Broadcast

By Carla Frehn

If you wanted to make a big splash advertising your pharmacy, a flashy television commercial would seem like the obvious choice. But even if you had the budget for it, would that really be worth the cost? New advancements in digital advertising technology are proving that bigger doesn't always mean a better return on investment. This is especially true for small businesses that would benefit more from connecting with a higher percentage of people within a tight radius rather than hitting a broader regional or national audience.

Take a look at the following infographic to see how targeted digital and traditional broadcast advertising are trending so you can make smarter decisions with your marketing budget.

Want to start using digital advertising to its full potential?

Every Good Neighbor Pharmacy Premier member gets a dedicated advertising manager who will help strategize timely campaigns that leverage social media and Google advertising to target the right people within driving distance of your pharmacy.

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Carla Frehn
Vice President, Retail Services, Good Neighbor Pharmacy
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