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Recap Asembia 2023: Our impactful contributions to the premier specialty pharmacy conference

By AmerisourceBergen

At AmerisourceBergen, we're dedicated to fostering innovation and are driven by our commitment to improving patient health outcomes. As industry leaders, we take pride in our sponsorship of Asembia's 2023 Specialty Pharmacy Summit, where we shared our expertise and insights on topics critical to the future of healthcare. Our presentations and contributions covered a range of issues, from the rapidly evolving landscape of cell and gene therapy to the critical importance of being fully prepared for the Inflation Reduction Act, as well as the payer perspective on biosimilars. We aimed to promote strategic thinking and forward-looking solutions. Take a look at our contributions to this year's summit and stay updated on AmerisourceBergen news emerging from the event.

AmerisourceBergen brings together different perspectives and ideas, which can lead to new solutions that we never even considered before. They are like a beacon of hope in an ever-changing world, shedding light on innovative paths forward that we might not have seen otherwise.

~Director, Market Access, Large biopharma
George Rafferty speaking on an Asembia 23 panel

Evolving the Healthcare Ecosystem to Support Cell & Gene Therapies for Patients

George Rafferty speaking on an Asembia 23 panel
AmerisourceBergen's George P. Rafferty spoke at Asembia’s AXS23 Summit in Las Vegas on how we are evolving to support the healthcare ecosystem for cell & gene therapies (CGTs) for patients. As the pipeline of cell and gene therapies continues to expand and more therapies reach the market, we were proud to launch the Cell and Gene Therapy Integration Hub to streamline the "path-to-care process" for such advanced medicines. This new platform-agnostic system aims to improve connectivity across CGT treatment journey to enable enhanced patient and provider experience.
George Rafferty speaking on an Asembia 23 panel
Corey Ford at Asembia 23

Analyzing the Inflation Reduction Act: What's Next for Biopharma

Corey Ford at Asembia 23
AmerisourceBergen's Corey Ford reviewed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and it's impact on the biopharma industry. Reviewing what elements are coming into play this year and beyond, Corey provided a clear understanding of the legislation and provided strategies on how to stay ahead of the curve in his rapidly evolving market not only in his session but also in his workshops designed for biopharma IRA readiness.  Catch up on our previous insight on the Inflation Reduction Act below. 
Corey Ford at Asembia 23

Are you ready for the Inflation Reduction Act?

Contact us to start a conversation and our health policy and government affairs experts can guide you to the right solutions to help you navigate IRA.
Speakers at biosimilars session at Asembia23

Will Biosimilars be Larger than Life? A Review of Payer Response to Changes in the United States Biosimilars Landscape

Speakers at biosimilars session at Asembia23
AmerisourceBergen's Tasmina Hydery and Cate Lockhart from Biologics & Bisimilars Collective Intelligence Consortium discussed current payer perceptions, design strategies, and legislative considerations affecting the adoption of biosimilars in the US. They covered trends from primary payer research and operational readiness in utilization management and benefit design. Check out the media coverage from their session below. 
Speakers at biosimilars session at Asembia23

Reducing barriers: New insights for improving patient access

White paper

Advanced strategies to reduce barriers to patient access

Biopharma companies face complex behind-the-scenes barriers that contribute to prescription abandonment by pharmacies, providers, and patients, limiting medication access for patients. New approaches to narrow network distribution, digital pharmacy, dynamic claims adjustment, and consignment allow biopharma companies to help better mitigate those barriers and enable patients to get and stay on therapy.

White paper

Digital Pharmacy

Various behind-the-scenes barriers in the prescription journey can prevent pharmacies from receiving clean, dispensable prescriptions, often leading to pharmacy abandonment. Digital pharmacies can help biopharma companies remove barriers, enabling dispensing pharmacies to receive clean, ready-to-dispense prescriptions. In addition to improving patient experience, digital pharmacies provide stakeholders with robust data to better understand barriers in the prescription journey and inform better decision-making for healthier outcomes.

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