AmerisourceBergen and Ipsos Survey

Perspectives on financial barriers to patient care

Rising concern over patient out-of-pocket costs

Research released from AmerisourceBergen and Ipsos finds nearly half of Americans say that they have had to limit their healthcare in some way for financial reasons since the start of COVID-19. As the pandemic continues, the survey’s findings underscore the urgent need to address Americans’ widespread worries about the out-of-pocket costs associated with their insurance coverage and the wide disparities in care for the most vulnerable Americans.

Survey results by the numbers


American adults surveyed


are worried about not being able to afford out-of-pocket costs for their prescription medications



are worried about the unpredictability of out-of-pocket costs for the medicines they take

Press Release

AmerisourceBergen’s Inaugural Pharmacy Check-Up Survey Finds that Pharmacists Want & Expect to Expand Role in Patient Care, but Burdens Must Lessen

November 2018


“We can’t continue to ignore the growing inequity that exists when patients’ health becomes secondary under the burden of flawed benefit design. No patient should have to turn down a prescription medicine and potentially put their health at risk because of a co-pay or other out-of-pocket cost.”


Steve Collis, Chairman, President and CEO, AmerisourceBergen

Survey results

More than 3,000 people shared insights and perspectives on the barriers to patient care and growing concerns around costs and out-of-pocket expenses. View an in-depth look at the full survey results.