Supply Chain Sophistication

Driving an intelligent supply chain with the brightest talent and a patient mindset

An intelligent supply chain requires ongoing investments in technology and infrastructure to optimize the development and delivery of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.
Invested in our distribution operations over the past 10 years to enhance the quality and efficiency of our supply chain
Distribution centers strategically located throughout the U.S. to serve human & animal health 
Distribution center square footage serving human health across U.S. and Puerto Rico

Innovation at work

We impact millions of lives by applying innovation toward everything – from the way pharmaceuticals are accessed to the delivery of personalized patient care.
Blockchain for DSCSA
Explore beyond the buzzword to learn how blockchain can help make the supply chain more secure
Culture of continuous improvement
90+ projects focused on continual progress in automation and system processes 
State-of-the-art robotics and automation
30+ highly automated distribution centers serving human health
Cutting-edge compliance solutions
To create a harmonized, safer, more secure system for all
Cold chain capabilities
Supporting 130,950 sq. ft. of dedicated refrigerated storage (2 - 8 degrees Celsius) and 16,240 sq. ft. of freezer space for phase change material

Distribution Excellence

Distribution excellence matters because it creates efficiency for the overall healthcare system. 
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Improving access

Our work only matters when we get the right product, to the right customer, so they can get it to the patient the next day, or sooner. We are foundational to the delivery of care every day and our work extends well beyond basic logistics and pick, pack and ship.

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