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Insight and advocacy for healthier futures 

The healthcare industry can be difficult to navigate, much less predict. We fight for physician practices by being your voice on Capitol Hill, bringing you the most up-to-date information that helps you make important decisions in your practice. Our solutions can also help you manage MIPS and other value-based care complexities, ensuring that your practice follows and submits measures accurately.

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Manage the complexities of Merit-Based Incentive Payment Model (MIPS)

Meet the challenges of value-based reimbursement and the new MIPS payment model with consulting services that help optimize your reimbursements. Our MIPS service provides your practice with monthly monitoring and practice feedback of adherence to MIPS category compliance and helps you avoid costly missteps that you may encounter when trying to meet these demands on your own. Our team of experts will ensure your practice follows and submits the measures accurately, keeping you above the performance thresholds, avoiding penalties and earning rewards. Visit our websites below to learn more about oncology MIPS services from ION Solutions and specialty MIPS services from IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions. 

Our expert assistance in managing MIPS:


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Decipher your Quality and Resource Use Report (QRUR)

Our team of experts will help your practice understand the care you deliver to Medicare beneficiaries and identify opportunities for improvement. Our QRUR service is designed to help your practice understand cost and quality components, explain how beneficiaries are attributed and provide actionable steps to remediate future negative adjustments. Our assessment helps your practice understand performance metrics and provides actionable steps on how to enhance quality and cost scores to maximize reimbursements. Visit our websites below to learn more about oncology services from ION Solutions and specialty services from IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions. 

Community Counts

Advocating for community oncology in Washington

Staying informed on what’s happening in the healthcare industry has never been more important. Our experts on Capitol Hill advocate tirelessly for the value of community oncology, while working to keep you informed on how new legislation will affect your practice and proactive measures you can take both immediately and down the road. 

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IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions

Pharmaceutical companies, researchers and practicing oncologists use IntrinsiQ to improve the quality and understanding of cancer care. From treatment decisions to administration of drugs, our IntelliDose software helps improve patient safety and streamlines practice workflow.

ION Solutions

Community-based oncologists rely on ION Solutions for creative GPO contracting, integrated dispensing solutions and the expertise practices need to improve clinical and operational management.